by Sylvie Meis


My New York luncheon with Hunkemoller model Sylvie was more than cool. We talked about all kinds of things but of course I really wanted to know her favorite spots in the big apple. Whether it’s for coffee or shopping here’s where you’ll find Sylvie when she’s visiting Manhattan. Read more.

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in 5 snacks


Rancid photos, broken relationships and the most important London society event of the year. Sit back and relax because of course we’ll tell you everything…. Read more.

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What men find attractive about women

according to science


Scientists have the habit of researching things we’re not actually helped with, but on a rare occasion they discover things that are very handy indeed. There have been numerous papers on what men find attractive about women if you add them altogether you get the following list. I’d like to say, use this to your advantage ladies. Read more.

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- Healthy breakfast -



This week, I jumped for joy because quinoa is available again. The harvest had failed last season and all those poor super food freaks had to do without or pay about ten euros for a small bag at the organic store. Which I found a bit too expensive. Right, it’s back again. Read more.

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It is, closely after Instagram and Whatsapp, my most frequented app. It’s called Followers + and if I can give you some advice: stay away from the fire. Your life will never be the same. Read more.

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Why friendships with men can be killing for your love life


I’ve always had this theory that a man with a female best friend is better than a man with only man friends. This is because he gets some feminine input once in a while regarding his actions thus getting a better understanding of the opposite sex which in turn is good for us. Read more.

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Longer hair? Yes please!


Long hair. We all want it? Well, at least I do and I have waited forever for the locks that I now have. Only recently did I have the tiniest of trims because the ends were completely dead and there were definitely some reservations beforehand. Read more.

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6 lessons in Love

Kissing across borders


You’ve probably had a look across the border before and hopefully you’ll be spending your August abroad. The focus of attention is a phenomenon known as: the kiss. Every kissing-country has it’s own kissing-customs, so read this to prevent uncomfortable situations when pouting the lips. Read more.

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4 Super veggies


Abs are made in the kitchen, but so is good skin, bright eyes, energy levels and strong nails. Nutrition plays a huge part. If you eat regularly, healthily, without too many sugars and don’t find it hard to pass by fast food joints, then you’re probably okay. Sounds like a lot of hard work and a little boring, but it isn’t. Read more.

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inspired by Aimee Song


Oh my, this woman has a nice Instagram-account. Besides traveling the whole world and maing beautiful pictures, Aimee Song also wears the most cool outfits. Now we get the 2,2 million followers. Read more.

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Do it yourself

 Healthy cucumber-gin-cocktail


My mother saves all the Jamie magazines (you know, Oliver). Give me a stack and you won’t hear from me for hours. Somewhere in a number from last year was a cocktail recipe with gin and cucumber. An excellent little tipple to get us into the swing of the summer that is now finally upon us. Such a delicious, healthy cocktail can really help to break up the week. Read more.

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People always think that our editor in chief is a perfect doll. Well, she’s indeed not far from it, but there’s always more than meets the eye. Yes, her make-up is always flawless and she is always wearing the best outfits. But on the inside she can sometimes very well be kind of a clumsy, foul mouthed sailor who is happy to gorge herself at the front of a take away joint in the middle of the night. Read more.

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How to deal with a broken heart

Zo kom je over een gebroken hart heen

A broken heart is something we will all get sooner or later. And that’s always just downright horrible. Whether it was a momentary flame or friendship, if the love is no longer there, well that is just no fun for anyone. Read more.

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She’s probably the prettiest housewife to ever join the show – a fact she so ironically underlined with her introductory tagline: ‘I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m pretty!’ – and has been a very amusing addition to the The Real Housewives Of New York City ever since. Whether it’s engaging in a good old cat fight with Bethenny and Ramona… Read more.

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Whoever claims a root canal treatment is more painful than a broken heart has never had to deal with one. There are only a few emotions that hurt as much as a broken heart or unanswered love. During the days/weeks after a breakup you receive support and help from your family and friends but sometimes this help is not offered in the most ideal way. Recognizable for those who have gone through the process of a breakup and advice for those with friends who are in the middle of a tortured heartache… Read more.

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Watermelons; the hottest fruit of the summer


Watermelon is hot. I mean cool. I see that dark green melon with its seed-dotted pink flesh everywhere: in salads, shakes, snacks, ice cream but even on clothing and iPhone covers. I think they’re all delicious and cute. Watermelons are an important part of summer. Read more.

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Working out in front of the tv


It’s not that I feel like working out every day. Sometimes I have to really push myself and there are even times I just skip it all together. If you really don’t want to work out, why on earth would you torture yourself by going anyway? You know what? You can even do a workout on the sofa, right there in your living room. Read more.

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