Signs that you really need a holiday


In ten nights I’m going to be boarding a plane and flying towards Asia for a combination of R&L and work. As in: I have taken two weeks of to kick back and relax and won’t be opening my laptop until after to work from my temporary beach office. Read more.

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Dropping an extra few kilos

these hairstyles are going to help you fake it


I don’t know about you, but this Christmas I plan on doing everything I can to fit into my perfect holiday suit, besides giving up on my sweet tooth. I know, it sounds a bit dubious, but I always opt for a dress that helps me hide those extra few kilos. Plus, when it comes to shaping and highlighting my face, I’m quite the pro. Read more.

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As fitting as it is for a fashion director, Simone is adorned in bags. I even witnessed her being unable to locate a bag for an entire year. Luckily it wasn’t a huge problem, she had plenty of others. During a thorough closet cleanse she finally found it again. Neatly folded in the bottom of her closet. Since a woman can never have too many bags, Simone’s love for her Jérôme Dreyfuss is steady as a rock. Read more.

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Winter heels


They’re actually destined for the runway, but there are plenty of people who prefer wearing their socks in full view. Read more.

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Not too long ago our Dutch website was on the hunt for someone who was social media savvy and it was Sascha who won us over with her all the witty texts and charm she’s got up her sleeve. Read more.

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Daily May

New favorite

Not too long ago May-Britt made me laugh when she told me her dad enjoyed lighting up all his scented candles at the same time… Read more.

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my most used apps on my iPhone


As of late, I’m going through life with the newest iPhone 6S and all I can say is: it’s heaven sent. The screen is so refined, the pictures have perfect resolution, the 3D Touch is just as great as I though it would be and all my apps look even better than they did before. Read more.

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Faux fur scarf

Not a huge fan of faux fur coats? But you love furry items? We’ve spotted a snuggable trend for you: the faux fur scarf. Since most parts of the world are dealing with colder weather… Read more.

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Christmas in New York is the best

And this is why


Yesterday morning I strolled through the streets and the Christmas fever really has kicked in and you immediately find yourself on the hunt for a cup of hot coco. The lights, the angels, the green and red ribbons; they have all taken over New Yorks scenery. Read more.

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Well look here, this is exactly the kind of girl I could use in my life. Susanne Bender, the bag expert. Susanne is the owner of the blog called Bag to You.. Read more.

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Daily May

Time Capsules

Any time I come back from any holiday, I return with a suitcase that’s at least a kilo heavier than when I left. Not because I bought a bunch of exiting things… Read more.

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What has our darling Bo been up to in New York this past week? Read about it here! Read more.

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Sunday Shopping

- inspired by tara martin -


Tara needs no introduction. This Cali native has such an enviable wardrobe, we decided it would only be fair to dedicate one of our shoppings to her. Read more.

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6 ways to wear flares


For some reason it’s as though not everyone has fully accepted it yet, but believe us: everyone needs a pair of flares in their closet. It not only gives you that great 70’s vibe, it works wonders on your figure too. Read more.

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Yesss, another look from our cool intern Chantalle. This girl is so disciplined when it comes to our websites graphic design. Read more.

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Daily May

The Mira

Every since I entered my dirty thirties, I’ve become more goal oriented. You’ll currently find me working up a sweat in the gym at least three times a week Read more.

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