The fun thing about the digital world is that your pool of friends is much larger. Through so and so, someone informed me about Tara Martin and also quickly mentioned that she could easily pass as my little sister… Read more.

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long shorts

For those who have had enough of skirts, maxi dresses, hot pants and long trousers, there is also a middle ground. Read more.

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slow juicer vs centrifugal

what is the difference?


‘Jet, do I now need to buy myself a slow juicer?’ The answer I normally give is: Yeah well, I’m a sucker for supersonic kitchen appliances, but those things are crazy expensive and you can also make a perfect juice in a blender or a normal centrifugal juicer…  Read more.

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Although I’ve been hidden behind closed doors until the sun sets while it’s 33+ degrees Celsius out and our air-conditioning is running overtime, this town certainly hasn’t… Read more.

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5 Things that we have learned

from KIM K'S HAIR sytlist


Here in the editorial room there is always a constant buzz surrounding Kim Kardashian, but I have a little allergy when if comes to all the Kim K hysteria, to be honest. I mean, I can show some enthusiasm when it comes to her change of style, but otherwise I think it’s more a case of fuss making hoo-ha than quality… Read more.

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Daily-May-Louise-et-Cie daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

Shiny Sandals

Today you’ll find me lying out by the pool. With my stripped skirt and a glass of wine in hand, happy as a clam. I’m currently still in Sweden situated on a fairytale-esque estate.. Read more.

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Sunday Shopping

-inspired by blake lively-


Whenever we watch Gossip Girl we always turn green with envy. Particularly because of the outfits worn by Serena. Super preppy, but every now and then that can also be a lot of fun. Read more.

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Woolen trousers. What a discovery. They are super relaxed, perfect for a Sunday chilling around the house, but they are also cool enough to wear on a Wednesday night in the West Village. Read more.

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in 5 snacks


Charlene is our manager of the international edition and has a real love for the world of entertainment. Every week she fills us in with the sweetest bites of what’s happening, where it’s happening and to who.

  Read more.

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9 Reasons to visit Paris in August


Paris is always a good idea. But extra special in August. Why? Here’s why. I asked Agnès Michot, the editor-in-chief at Marie Claire and one of the sweetest and most stylish colleagues ever. She’s the authority because she studied French Literature in Paris, is French and visits the city at least 6 times a year. Be warned, instant travel desire looming. Read more.

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Purple, purple, purple


As you know by now, I’m crazy about color. Preferably from head to toe, but since I try to avoid looking like a screaming rainbow, I put the focus of color on only one or two points. Read more.

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resist the temptations of store employees


Some say that hate and love aren’t that different from each other. That’s right. At least when it comes to shopping. There’s little that is more fun than buying new clothes, but at the same time there’s also little worse than stores. Read more.

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When your friend has cancer

7 nice things you can do


One of my good friends asked last year if I wanted to feel her breasts. And no, she was not suddenly having bisexual urges. The next day she went to the hospital just to be sure. By herself, because it was nothing to worry about, right? Read more.

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Model tricks to fit in that dress


Party in your sights and a dress that’s just too tight? My first advice, go to a tailor and have everything let out slightly but not everyone has the perfect man at hand to entrust that priceless number to. I’ll teach you a few model’s tricks that help melt the centimetres away. Read more.

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The 8 best buys in a French pharmacy


One of the many reasons to visit Paris in August is that you’ll have the best pharmacy in the city all to yourself. The Citypharma du Four Bonaparte (Louboutin-walking-distance from Cafe de Flore) is usually full to the brim with people, but in August the Parisians all up and moved to Biarritz, Deauville or the Côte and you get to go wild. These are the things to buy to make your life easier, more beautiful and more fun. Read more.

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