Down the rabbit hole with The Green Gallery


You only have one chance to make a first impression is an adage that was clearly top of mind with the creators of The Green Gallery – a brand new online magazine celebrating both the beauty and fragility of nature – that was launched in Amsterdam last night. It’s not uncommon an event is announced to be in a ‘fairytail setting’ or ‘magical world’ but it in all honesty it rarely meets your imagination. Last night was different. The Green Gallery hosted a night that would literally surpass our wildest dreams. Read more.

May's food diary


“You fit into a sample size, right May?” It’s my stylist Anouk who’s going to put together the coolest looks for me for Holland’s Next Top Model. I hear myself grunt ‘yeah sure’. I am reasonably slim but fit is a whole other story. Read more.


This week in New York

Quite naturally, in addition to the fact that only a few days ago I had been shockingly brought to tears of joy by the most gorgeous ring put on my finger in Presidents Landing a.k.a. Washington, I still managed to find other points of interest in New York. Read more.


Oh yes, our love for trench coats can’t be mentioned enough. So we just keep on doing it. Read more.

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Meet Ania B. Well, meet? You might already know her because Ania has worked with H&M, J. Crew, BCBG Max Azria and many others and currently is brand ambassador for Topshop. Besides being a very inspirational fashion blogger with a unique style Read more.

Which sunglasses match your face?


I love sunglasses. But admittedly I only buy designer glasses. About two a year. Sounds snobby but being able to have a clear view through sunlight is muy importante and I really notice the difference between these and H&M sunnies. Excusez-moi. Read more.


Carrying a delicious juice or a hot tea or coffee on the go is very popular. Read more.

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What to do with a pineapple? Well this for example


I love pineapples. When I buy one (I always smell the bottom. If it smells sweet, it’s ripe) I prepare it as soon as I get home. I chop it into little pieces throw them into a tupperware bowl, put the lid on and into the fridge. I’m a fan of tupperware. Even leftover lentils get their own storage box. Right, back to the pineapple because I have some great recipes for you. Read more.


It’s so much fun scrolling back to someone’s first picture on Instagram. At least we think so. That’s why we looked this up for you. Because if someone has posted 2000 pictures it definitely requires some effort. Read more.

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Do you ever walk into your room turn around and walk out again because of the mess? You come to a point where you just can’t go on any longer and it’s time to face the music. Then you think: ‘Holy shit, where do I start? Look at the state of this place! How did this happen?’ Read more.


I consider myself a lucky to be categorized as a morning person. I have no trouble at all getting out of bed early. At the first ray of sun that catches my eye I hop out of bed. Read more.

my night at the cannes film festival

By Laura Kemp


I haven’t the faintest idea what’s happening to me but all of a sudden I find myself being invited to very glamorous events. This time the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. As a journalist I’m used to applying for press-passes, but this time I’m on the other side of the rope. Read more.

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It has always surprised me that things in general all occur at once. One month there’s not much to do and a month later all of a sudden you have 10 fun assignments on your schedule. Read more.

how to cope with a fight


A very good friend of mine called. She had just received an email from her mother in law. The words were so harsh she had to sit down. It was a culmination of events in a situation that had been derailed for years. Read more.


Hollywoods power stylists 2015

Every year the Hollywood Reporter makes up their annual report of the 25 most influential celebrity stylists. Whose clients have been the most successful fashion forward, unique or haven’t been bonjoured out of the best-dressed lists? Read more.