Nike FT Olivier Rousteing


Nike has teamed up with Olivier Rousteing which is great news. You can recognize the French designer (yeah you know the one, the man behind Balmain) from his use in gold, metallics, extreme femininity, lots of silhouettes, a high bling bling caliber and the idea behind his designs: the shorter, the better… Read more.

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Amayzine top 3

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    Meanwhile in the world of Instagram… Blake Lively

    Meanwhile in the world of Instagram… Blake Lively
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    5 reasons we loved Gigi Hadid on Jimmy Fallons The Tonight ...

    5 reasons we loved Gigi Hadid on Jimmy Fallons The Tonight ...
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    11 things I learned from a long-term relationship

    11 things I learned from a long-term relationship

Look of the day

Josselin bijl


These photos were taken when it was about 24 degrees out and so I was in the mood to put on my new pants. They’re comfortable, covered in cute little illustrations and it exudes summer… Read more.

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dailymaymaandag23-05 daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

The healthy tour

It’s half way through the week and we’re starting to be as healthy as possible. How the week’s going to end is still unknown (well, I sort of do know what to expect… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Danielle de Ridder


This is Danielle, who’s collected quite the number of bags. And she’s not done with her collection just yet. She’s still got every bag from Chanel on her wish list… Read more.

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Trend of the day



We all own jeans. Odds are, your closet is full of them. From skinny jeans to a ripped boyfriend pair. So when do you actually wear them?… Read more.

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Look of the day

Charlotte Zegelaar


Look who’s poppin up on our screen for the Look of the Day. Meet Charlotte Zegenaar, shop manager in one of the coolest boutiques in Amsterdam called OU. No surprise here; she’s got a good eye for style… Read more.

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Geurkaars-van-Dyptique daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

Dipped in Diptyque

There’s one store in The Netherlands I can never go into without purchasing something. It’s impossible for me to leave empty handed. They’ve got the best… Read more.

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Happy & Healthy

how to give your own life a priority again

In three steps


I recently had to say ‘yes’ to the following four questions. Complete torture. Check this. 1. Do you often feel as though your day ‘only’ has 24 hours? 2. Do you feel slightly overworked and going insane from everything you still need to do?… Read more.

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Travel & Hotspots

Our girl in new york


On Tuesday morning I’m still in my chill mode. Cup of coffee, fresh out of my bath with my towel wrapped around my head, Yes, the definition of rest and relaxation. I open up my mailbox… Read more.

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