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Josselin Bijl


I might be one of the few who really doesn’t mind that the temperatures are decreasing. Look, I can spend hours complaining about rain, but the cold can be cozy… Read more.

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Daily shot of sleaze

is this the new britney?

Amsterdam Dance Event has officially kicked off ladies and gents. No idea what it is? Simply put: all the worlds best DJs in Amsterdam for 5 whole days. Perhaps the idea sounds awful to you though cause you’re more of a rock and roll kinda girl… Read more.

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    Our Girl in New York: 17-10-16

    Our Girl in New York: 17-10-16
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    Lessons I learned after moving in with my boy

    Lessons I learned after moving in with my boy
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    Look of the day: Carolien Karthaus-Spoor ...

    Look of the day: Carolien Karthaus-Spoor ...

Daily May

you go kristina

Discribing the search for the perfect shade of nude lipstick in one word? Hell. I’ve been looking for the perfect color à la Kristina Bazan… Read more.

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Happy & Healthy

7 ways to get rid of that cold


Just my luck. I’ve got a sunny press trip right around the corner, but my body has decided to play a trick on me. I felt it coming up last night. Headache, sore throat, sweating. Great timing. A cold… Read more.

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Daily shot of sleaze

Michael moore in trumpland

The name not ringing a bell? Let me refresh your memory. Bowling for Columbine. Fahrenheit 9/11. Sicko. Where To Invade Next. Michael Moore might just be the most talked about film and documentary maker from the States, mostly addressing political topics… Read more.

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Look of the day

Tess de Graaf


Tess likes to describe herself as a ‘lady who likes to go wild’. I read this before seeing the outfit photos, so I was prepped for something over the top including leopard print… Read more.

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Trend of the day

Go platform


Maybe you’ve already spotted them plenty of times but platform shoes are back! Perhaps one of our oldest fashion friends because it dates back to the 15th century… Read more.

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Daily shot of sleaze

oh oh, Melania

Don’t really give a rats ass about all that’s going on with the American president candidacy? Well then I’ve got good news for you: 20 more days to go until election day and then I promise I’ll post a lot less sleaze about Hill and Donald. But until then, bare with me… Read more.

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Look of the day

Lilian brijl


For anyone who is lacking in the inspiration department today, take a look at Lilian’s outfit. Copy her and you can’t go wrong. It’ll definitely spare you some time in front of your closet in the morning… Read more.

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Travel & Hotspots

Our Girl in New York


The days are getting shorter. It’s even still dark out when my alarm goes off at seven in the morning and I start off with my daily routine of a cup of coffee to start off the day… Read more.

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Best belt


We’ve started spotting them more often than not around the hips and waists of fashion mavens: the belt. Whereas we used to prefer hiding them underneath sweaters… Read more.

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Daily shot of sleaze

burn baby, burn

I start my Sunday mornings with Saturday Night Live. I know, Sat on a Sun sounds odd but hey I live in Amsterdam and by the time it airs, it’s practically time for me to get out of bed anyways. I’m pretty sure everyone has already seen these videos, but for those few who haven’t, I’m at your service… Read more.

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Look of the day

Lotte de Groot


Why why why do I always get the looks that I want to immediately copy-paste into my very own closet? Today we’ve got another hit from Lotte de Groot… Read more.

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Look of the day

linsey sijmons


Ha! This girl is the epitome of a rock chick. Well, at least she happens to look like one. Her source of inspiration is Anna Dello Russo, who she happens to have recently met… Read more.

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