Purple, purple, purple


As you know by now, I’m crazy about color. Preferably from head to toe, but since I try to avoid looking like a screaming rainbow, I put the focus of color on only one or two points. Read more.

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resist the temptations of store employees


Some say that hate and love aren’t that different from each other. That’s right. At least when it comes to shopping. There’s little that is more fun than buying new clothes, but at the same time there’s also little worse than stores. Read more.

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Daily-May-Instagram-Pilletjes daily-may-header-parfum

Daily May

Wonderpills for first world problems

Last week I got a present from my sister. Now, like most people I love receiving gifts. I’m a bit like a crow, totally attracted to anything colorful and shiny and I can rip that pretty paper off in one fell swoop. Read more.

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When your friend has cancer

7 nice things you can do


One of my good friends asked last year if I wanted to feel your breasts. And no, she is not suddenly having bisexual urges. The next day she went to the hospital just to be sure. By herself, because of course it was nothing to worry about, right. Read more.

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Model tricks to fit in that dress


Party in your sights and a dress that’s just too tight? My first advice, go to a tailor and have everything let out slightly but not everyone has the perfect man at hand to entrust that priceless number to. I’ll teach you a few model’s tricks that help melt the centimetres away. Read more.

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The 8 best buys in a French pharmacy


One of the many reasons to visit Paris in August is that you’ll have the best pharmacy in the city all to yourself. The Citypharma du Four Bonaparte (Louboutin-walking-distance from Cafe de Flore) is usually full to the brim with people, but in August the Parisians all up and moved to Biarritz, Deauville or the Côte and you get to go wild. These are the things to buy to make your life easier, more beautiful and more fun. Read more.

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Thursday Shopping

-inspired by Keira Knightley-


In Love Actually Keira stole our hearts with her English accent and we are still in love with her. Her style also goes straight to our hearts. Read more.

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9 ways to avoid binge eating

1 - 9 numbers

It’s about four-ish, three hours after lunch and probably three hours before dinner. The umpteenth cup of tea is poured, but you need more. Something substantial. Anything with chocolate. Or nuts. Or French cheese. Or whatever.. Read more.

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8 Reasons to eat cucumbers


Every day, more and more super foods are thrown in our faces. And yes, undeniably, my kitchen counter’s filled with jars of oatmeal, goji berries, chia seeds, coconut and spelt flakes. Read more.

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If you’ve been paying attention to this column, you would have noticed that nearly everyone’s first photo posts were overly filtered and framed. Alessandra Ambrosio is clearly no exception. Read more.

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So when I left you guys hanging, I was on by lightning-fast e-bike (aptly called Schwarzenegger), cruising through the vineyards of the Champagne-Ardenne region. After all that exercise (cycling is cycling, e-bike or not), it was very much time for a tipple, and this we did at Au 36. This quaint designer bar and boutique is found on rue Dom Pérignon. From all the rue’s in the region, this rue is my favorite rue of all. For all the obvious reasons. Read more.

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Everything you need to know

about tattoos


I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos. I myself am untouched, but whenever I see someone else with some ink on their skin I want to know every about it. Who knows if I’ll every end up inked myself, but if I do, then this is what I need to know. Read more.

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The real names of celebrities


You all know me as Liesbeth, but in my passport it says Elisabeth. About seven years ago I decided to call myself Liesbeth, for several underlying reasons. Read more.

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everybody loves AÇAÍ

with recipe


You can buy an açaí bowl on every street corner in New York City and Instagram is full of photos of this breakfast phenomenon. The açaí berry (the main ingredient) is up there with the best of the superfoods… Read more.

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The nice thing about these pants is that they can turn a simple and elegant outfit into something that is sporty.

  Read more.

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