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tule-ing and twirling


A bit of gauze or some tule showing us some bare skin: we love it. As do the designers because plenty of collections have been coming up with different creations using these materials… Read more.

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    Look of the day Elke Wijnands Sunday July ...

    Look of the day Elke Wijnands Sunday July ...
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    It’s 29 degrees out, what the heck do you ...

    It’s 29 degrees out, what the heck do you ...
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    Daily shot of sleaze: another one bites the ...

    Daily shot of sleaze: another one bites the ...

Look of the day

Zosha van Leeuwen


Why, whyyy do I always get the looks that give me an insane amount of wanderlust? Vivian sent this photo from LA and obviously it’s not hard to find a stunner walking down the streets in the city of angels… Read more.

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Breakfast in bed


Nothing makes me happier than kickstarting the day with a proper breakfast. Whether it’s at home, somewhere out the door, or in bed. And the latter is what I want to talk about today (perhaps it’ll inspire you for tomorrow morning. Or the weekend). Because how and what do you serve in the bedroom? Read more.

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travel accessories


August is only a week away. People are in the midst of their summer holidays, the temperatures are up and the summer sale is at an ultimate high. If you haven’t jetted off to a tropical destination yet, odds are that you’re in the process of packing your bag to do so. And when you travel, you want to do so in style… Read more.

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Look of the day

Ashley Samwel


Ashley, quite possibly the coolest fit chick from the Netherlands. She’s a model (duh), trains an insane amount (as you can see), has her own website called girlslovehealthy and she’s also our photographer Vivian’s personal trainer. Read more.

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Daily May

The one and only

When you say summer you say flip flops. And when you say flip flops you say Havaiana. Because they really area the only option for you in the world of flip flops.. Read more.

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quality r&r


Besides it being the busiest time of the year, it’s also the most fun. Most people are holiday bound, others are finishing off loose ends, but for me, it’s a tad bit different… Read more.

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Daily May

The prettiest glue

I while back my eye had caught sight of a package I had to have. Problem was: I never had reason to buy it. Why? Because it’s the coolest… Read more.

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