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    Our girl in New York: 22-08-16

    Our girl in New York: 22-08-16
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    Daily shot of sleaze: the holiday snaps ...

    Daily shot of sleaze: the holiday snaps ...
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    New In: Frank Ocean ‘Blonde’

    New In: Frank Ocean ‘Blonde’

Look of the day

Carlyn Burger


All of this. I want it. Seriously. I want the dress, I want the hat, I want the surroundings and I want the sun. Ha, guess what: it’s almost all possible… Read more.

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Daily May

Time for a treat

I am an extreme Pinterest enthusiast and have a dozen of different folders for inspiration for my home, garden, clothing, everything that has to do with love… Read more.

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Happy & Healthy

5 skinny drinks for the summer


Holy shhhh. It’s hot out. At least it is where I am and I checked out the weather forecast in New York and it looks like people in the Big Apple are dealing with some boiling temperatures too… Read more.

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Brownies, but different


In principal, it’s not all that difficult to take unhealthy things and make healthier versions of them. But some cakes and cookies should stay as they are… Read more.

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Daily shot of sleaze

we can't keep up anymore

Guys, Justin Bieber’s love life is like a soap opera. Who hasn’t the guy dated? I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time keeping track. It seemed like he recently even deleted his… Read more.

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Look of the day

Svenja van Beek


Edgy basics made out of comfortable materials with the occasional funky coat. That’s what our Look of the Day beauty Svenja likes. And that’s exactly what she’s showing us in todays outfit… Read more.

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Trend of the day

Snake print


This summer designers have given a surprising twist to one of our favorite animal prints: snake print. If you check out Gucci’s spring/summer collection… Read more.

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Look of the day

Britt Vissers


Meet Britt Visser. This petite blonde lives in Amsterdam and is working on getting her bachelor degree in Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam… Read more.

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