Millions of treatments are applied every year, the syringe is available at the beauty salon nowadays and treatments for men have gone up by 300%. We’re talking about botox, the muscle-relaxing potion that’s unbelievably popular but still very taboo. Read more.


It’s one of those things, boobs. I don’t know what it is but they seem to grow with age. Really! Peers confirmed the same thing so it turns out I’m not the only one. It’s probably hormones. I have no idea. Anyway I’m not particularly pleased with this. I know many many women go to great lengths but believe me after reaching cup D (Deeee!), I’ve had it. Read more.



When I was a little girl I only wanted to play with Barbie dolls that had dark hair. I had one with a crew cut and one with long Rasta braids. My love and fascination for black hair has been there as long as I can remember. You understand that when I spotted Sandra Sprott at an event with her hair in gorgeous twisted braids, I didn’t let her out if my sight. She told me about her mother, who had no experience with Afro-American hair and about her blog where she writes inspiring pieces on black hair. This summer she launches her black hair-book together with another hair queen Sylvana Simons. So read on and admire because Sandra knows all about the coolest black hair trends of the moment. Exclusively for you! Read more.


New York never sleeps. And neither does the news. The banal drumming of the New York presses run overtime, no exceptions. This week us New Yorkers discussed 3 bespoke novelties that rose on the horizon of Manhattan. Read more.

7 Things you need on your desk


I am typing this article behind my desk at the office, obviously. On my right is Jet, but I can barely see her through all the mess. Liesbeth thinks she’s very structured with her trays and staplers but beside her desk there are piles of empty ASOS boxes and the rest of her stuff she drops into her drawers. There is still a lot to be done here. My desk, on the other hand is neatly organized, I can’t stand messy desks. They make me nervous and I get easily distracted when working or drawing. Invest in these five items to make your desk look tidier so you will enjoy working there even more. Read more.


During my Spice Girl era (about 15 years ago) I swore by camisoles. I preferred wearing two on top of each other in different colors. Some glitter on the eyelids and you were in. Meanwhile I have outgrown that style – thank God – and you can only find camisoles in the nightwear department. But I have partly reclaimed my obsession for tank tops. Read more.

6 steps to making your own fashion mood board


In two weeks time we start recording Holland’s Next Top Model. My ticket (to a secret location) is booked and I’m allowed to fly in two suitcases. Therefore I decided to treat myself to a real stylist.  You understand that I would like to look my very best beside those twiggy, ceiling-reaching model-babies. Read more.


We’ll admit up front. This research doesn’t really add anything significant to ours lives. It’s basically useless information. But somehow we’re very happy when the lovely people at the Huffington Post share these facts with us. And figured so will you. Here we go.  Read more.

4X more VOLume


Look, if we were all born with a head full of hair like Beyoncé (she wasn’t really) along with a fan for that full blowing effect you would not hear me complain. Being attached to extensions or other ‘guest-hair’ is just too much trouble but how do we get instant volume? Read more.



Your outfit is to die for, make-up and hair are as they should be you feel you’re on top of the world and have a permanent glow about you in the bar or in the disco. Tonight he’s yours or that guy or even him, well you’re going to get your hands on somebody.  You’re totally up for it. Read more.


Get rid of those polka dots, we want checks. Super duper for solving some algebra and handy if in need of checked paper. Read more.

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Modern relationships


There was a time when building a relationship went in this order: first date, in love, going steady, living together, engaged, marriage, babies. Nowadays it still might be like this but a few steps have been added that mean just as much as the first ‘ I love you’. Read more.


Do you remember the times of Lizzie McGuire or High School Musical? We couldn’t imagine TV without these Disney stars and they are still in the spotlights. Fortunately they have grown up (most of them anyway). Read more.

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Stylish trench coats you can afford


Unpredictable weather asks for a trench coat, the perfect in between coat. Not too hot, not too cold, ready to withstand a shower or two and always very stylish. I would love to have a Burberry trench coat but my budget does not agree with me on this. Yours doesn’t either? Don’t worry, just like fashionable heels and dresses there are fabulous trench coats out there you can afford. We did some research for you. Read more.

Hair trend

pimp your ponytail


Wearing your hair in a ponytail is comfortable and easy yet I hardly ever do it. That’s why I ended up with red curry hair after having dinner at a Thai restaurant. Having learned my lesson I stopped at the drugstore for some thin hair elastics and stylishly whipped my hair into a ponytail before sitting down to dinner again at my favorite Thai restaurant. Here’s how I did it: Read more.