3X Delicious detox soups


On a Sunday you will either be looking forward to a bit of a fatty bite (I usually go to Warung Spang Makandra, the restaurant with the best roti in Amsterdam) or you’ll be seeking the healthier route. In either case, you probably had a lot to drink the night before. If you are going to choose the healthy meal option, I’ll give you three soups containing plenty of vegetables. I think your body could probably do with that after the night you had. Read more.


When I was last in New York one of the things I did was meet up with top model Cato van Ee. Cato and I grew up in the same city and share thousands of friends but funnily enough, before now, we never actually met. Read more.

Why jet lag is so delightful


Finally, after two weeks of shooting Holland’s Next Top Model in foreign lands, I arrived back home. During the flight (which lasted 12 hours) I din’t sleep a wink and after such a long period in a completely different place with a different time schedule I have all the right ingredients for a supreme jet lag. And for me there is nothing quite sweeter. Read more.


Of course we try to make it seem as though life is just one big laugh and a great party, but that is just not always true. Sometimes you just have a shit-day and Monday was that day for me. It started at home… Read more.


who they are, what they do and where to find them

I’ve been paying attention here in New York. And the part that strikes me most are the people themselves. Step into a subway train a you’ll spot it right away. Very different types of people each with their own stories and dreams all around you. Read more.


Now that we have Vivian Hoorn to shoot the pictures for the Look of the Day, it is a battlefield between the editors to see who will stand in front of the lens. Because Viv, well, she takes the best pictures ever. Read more.


Nice is my favorite place. I have many favorite places but this one’s in my top 3. Every year, at the beginning of June, I fly out for a three-day beach trip. Easy, it’s a short flight and if you do it right you take off at seven thirty so you’ll be laying on the beach by ten. Read more.


The printed tee is here to stay: it’s comfi, tough and feminine all at the same time. It can also be combined endlessly and gives every outfit a hot rock n roll feel. Read more.

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Useless things I keep doing


As you may know, I love to pick up a takeaway from the Marqt natural grocery store. They are yummy, kind of healthy and super easy. Perfect. In Marqt you can only pay with your debit or credit card, and it has always been like that. Yet, every time I’m at the checkout I say “can I use my card?” The cashier girl looks at me as if to say “DUH” and I mutter something about “ha-ha let’s call it force of habit ha -ha” and every time I feel like a dork. But I still do it. And there’s more. Read more.


Inspired by Liesbeth Rasker


After quite a few people have people have appeared on our shopping page, we thought we’d start looting our own editors. Yesterday I could finally poke around the palace of Liesbeth and it was a pure party. My goodness. Read more.

Make-up to wear to the gym


There are girls who, after an intense workout, are left with a healthy glow and only have two drops of sweat on them. Making them look even more sexy. You know, the Jet type. Read more.

Wedding nails with a twist


Is it me or is everyone getting married? And why are all the magazines exploding with wedding dresses, wedding decorations and wedding etiquette? Not that I mind, my big sister is getting married this summer and as I’m the MC I welcome all inspiration. Read more.


The most embarrassing situations involving sex gadgets

No matter how hard producers try to rub the taboo off of sex gadgets, most people still get panicky when it comes to showing their appreciation for these items. And to be perfectly honest I totally understand. Read more.