Fun & Famous

The oscars swag bag


Imagine this. You are a world famous actor or actress, you make millions every time you star in a movie and all you have to do is snap your fingers and you’ve got another couple of grand on your bank account… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

plastic libido


The female libido has always intrigued people. Mostly because it’s very different than that of a man and as soon as anything is different than that of a man, it needs to be researched. Read more.

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these 9 scents will wind up your man


There isn’t just one perfume out there that has become the self-entitled ‘sexiest scent for a woman.’ Taste varies and when you’ve got a multitude of options to pick from you might get lost finding that one (or two) that not only pleases you… Read more.

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Look of the day

Rosanna Gentenaar


I’ve been following this Insta-guru for a while now and if you aren’t already, I recommend you do so right away. For the past five years she’s been posting pictures of her coolest looks, pictures of her traveling the globe and the latest beauty news. Read more.

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IMG_0505 daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

Houston we have a problem

Ever since Lilian started working full time as our shopping editor and Amayzine has been styling people for Dutch TV, our office has been filled with racks of clothing… Read more.

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What do you wear to a  tennis tournament?


Something that might just be a tad more fun than watching the game itself is staring at all the VIP’s sitting in their royal boxes and VIP rooms at Grand Slam tournaments. Prince and Beyoncé at Roland Garros, Kate and William at Wimbledon seated next to quasi royal David and Victoria Beckham. Read more.

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yes, you can: how to become the ultimate best friend


It was all so darn easy back in lower school. You and your friends were always attached at the hip and had a ton of time to kill. Nowadays it’s all, well… Complicated. Read more.

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Interior & Design

the valentines day card

The do's and don'ts to impress your crush


Sunday is D-Day. Or wait, I mean V-Day. So everyone will be waiting impatiently by their mailbox hoping your mail man will come by and drop off some romantic love letters. But nothing is more disappointing than an over the top cheesy and mediocre (looks like it was done last minute) Valentines Day card… Read more.

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FullSizeRender daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

The woman we all want to be

If I could just spends a few days a year hiding out in the pocket of her pants to see what her life is like first hand, I would die a happy human being… Read more.

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Fun & Famous

dancing 'til the grave


Lately I’ve started to form some kind of weakness for the elderly. Cute old grandpa’s and ma’s strolling around outside trying to understand all the odd things in the world that keep our generation busy… Read more.

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Look of the day

sanne hofkens


Hey, good morning Sanne. This outfit is bound to make some people turn on the streets. And who can blame them. Sanne’s wardrobe is packed since shopping happens to be one of her favorite pastimes. But, she works hard for it. Read more.

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