In January, I started working as a freelancer. I work as Amayzine’s fashion director but I also get hired to work as a creative consultant for different brands that need styling and trend advice. Read more.

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Fun & Famous

Drama: buying a gift for your guy


Alright, ten more days. TEN more days until my boy turns a year older. Just like he does every year. Why do I always manage to leave buying him a birthday present to the last minute. What am I supposed to get him? HELP… Read more.

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Must haves

Valentines day


With Valentines day right around the corner, it’s not all too crazy that you’re starting to lean towards the color red. Let’s be honest, not only do we expect a bouquet of red roses and love letters from secret admirers… Read more.

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- New In -

the thing that's got everyone talking


Every American Football fan saw the Denver Bronco’s take home the coveting title at the Super Bowl last night. They beat the Panthers 24-10 and it was great and all… Read more.

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Live and kicking! This is what’s been keeping Bo busy this past week! Read more.

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Look of the day

charlie van der ligt


Does the name Charlie van der Ligt ring a bell? Or at least the last name? Quite possibly so, since this stunner is fashion blogger Lizzy van der Ligt’s baby sister. And apparently good genes runs in the family. As does a great sense of style. Read more.

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vogue-nederland daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

Celebrate Vogue

When I was the editor in chief of the Dutch Marie Claire, I remember having a bottle of Moët delivered right to my desk. The card around the neck of the bottle… Read more.

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Fun & famous

the most bizarre laws in the United states


Every country has his or her flaws. Well, I don’t know whether flaws would be the most suitable term. Perhaps odd habits is a better choice. Like people who are actually contemplating voting for Donald Trump in the next presidential election… Read more.

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how to get that killer body just like sylvie meis


A friend and I were recently discussing women with killer bodies and the name Sylvie Meis quickly popped up. This woman has a body to die for. Holy hell. Read more.

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Look of the day

may-britt mobach


Besides writing fun articles for you guys to read here on Amayzine, I spend quite a bit of time shopping around in some of my favorite stores in Amsterdam for styling jobs too. Read more.

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Happy & Healthy

8 tips for working out

in the cold


May-Britt discovered the world of bootcamps, so come rain or come sunshine, every Saturday morning you can find her working out in a park. Right, May? I’m impressed. I prefer hiding out in the gym when the temperatures are down. Read more.

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Travel & Hotspots

how brooklyn has changed


Everyone already knows: Manhattan is sooo totally over and Brooklyn is the new hip & happening place you want to be at. But that also means the entire neighborhood is changing and not all of its inhabitants are pleased about it. Read more.

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Look of the day



Every now and then I get featured in our very own Look of the Day. Usually when our photographer Vivian drops by our office I always use special tactics to avoid being put in front of the camera, but this time around she managed to trap me and get some shots… Read more.

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image1 daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

Back and hibernating

So I’ve been back in Europe for over a week now, and I can tell ya, it feels weird. And cold. Definitely cold. I spent my first weekend surrounded by piles of tissues… Read more.

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This week’s mantra in La La Land? Hustle, explore, celebrate, repeat. Read more.

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Diary #2

may-britt in cape town


Let me start this post off with the comforting feeling that I too am back to dreary weather and have already suffered from being drenched by heaps and heaps of rain. So nothing to be jealous about… Read more.

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Travel Diary #5



I can’t believe I’m saying this but it has come to an end. I never in my wildest dreams thought that two months would go by this quickly. The plan was to spend my last week soaking up some sun on Koh Tao and hoping to avoid as many binge drinking tourists as I possibly could. Read more.

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