Happy Hipster

Half up half down


The things the street style girls were already doing last year, most people have only just cottoned onto and are now these styles are  just simply the norm. About a light year ago it was known as the hipster knot and now it is commonly known as the top knot, because now it is seen so frequently that it has lost it’s hipster value. Read more.

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Midday nap? This is how


On average we should sleep seven hours per night. Since having children (which has now been for seven years) I am surprised by that fact that I can even keep my eyes open during the day. I’m lucky if I have a night where I can pull off the recommended seven hours let alone a night that is unbroken. There is always someone who cries, sings, vomits or sleepwalks.
Read more.

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It’s not really that surprising that Rianne works as a hostess and a model, right? It would be such a waste with those good looks. And that looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune is a point she has clearly proven with this pretty little outfit. Read more.

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A punnet of blueberry’s lasts no longer than fifteen minutes if left in our office kitchen. Down the hatch without a scratch. There is so much that can be done with blueberries, other than just scoffing them by the handful or only mixing them with a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Tarts, ice cream, muffins, pancakes, in a salad… Read more.

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Saturday Shopping

-inspired by Sienna Miller-


Nine times out of ten this woman looks fantastic. Super stylish and always with a splash of fun. In short, Sienna Miller, we want to be you. Read more.

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the fairest of the land

Royal beauty secrets


Since my visit to see the Queen of the Netherlands, Máxima I am now completely besotted by all the ladies of royalty and their beauty routines. Of course they are surrounded by teams of people to fix and dab and powder puff every little hair or spot at any given time of day, but they also have their own little secrets. Well actually, they are now no longer secret. Because I’ll be sharing them with you here. Read more.

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Are you hip, do you enjoy shopping and are you ever in Amsterdam?

Then odds are that you’ve been to Hutspot. And if you have, then chances are, you’ve bumped into Julia. Read more.

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how to make money

while you're traveling


They say that traveling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Well that could so happen to be the case, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t cost you a fortune. Going off for two or three weeks is easy to save up for but if you’re planning a trip for eight months, well then that’s a whole different ball game. But don’t worry, here are a few ways to make some extra cash when you’re abroad. Read more.

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liesbeth's brand new annoyances


So the past few days I have been winding myself up about a few different things and I’ve learnt that the best way to release those tensions is to write about them. It happens to have a very cathartic effect. So, are you ready to read about some first world problems? Here we go. Read more.

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guaranteed orgasm


That many women don’t have an orgasm while doing The Deed isn’t really headline news. Men really need to step up their game, or you might as well do it yourself. Well, according to this brand new product EVERY woman is GUARENTEED to have an orgasm. That’s right, ladies. Read more.

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Manolo dreams, bare boobs and cereal with sneakers. Three of the many novelties in the New York horizon. Read about it here. Read more.

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cooking for a group

when you're strung on time


All fun and games of course, having a group of friends over for dinner. Stocking up your wine rack is easy,  it’ll take no more than half an hour, but prepping and entire meal, that takes a bit work. Especially when you are very busy. Because that is what we are right? Read more.

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The V

Oh, do we love ourselves a preppy look. Think Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. We adore it. Read more.

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May's triumph tour

The Copenhagen Effect


“If I were a man, I would pack my bags and board the next flight out to Copenhagen. My goodness, everyone here is good looking.” I am on a press trip and online entrepreneur Anna Nooshin is in awe of the amount of head turners walking around in the Danish capital. Read more.

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Meet Jint van den Brink. She originally comes from a city called Utrecht in the Netherlands, but she moved to Amsterdam a few months ago to start her masters degree in law. She has also been running her own blog Read more.

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Why may will never use botox


“May, have you had any botox?” I’ve been getting this question thrown my way more frequently lately and, although it pretty much screams you are getting OLD, I take it as a compliment. Apparently the person asking me the question thinks I look good ‘for my age.’ Read more.

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How celebrities do it


There is a good chance that this is the sort of article you have previously read, but honestly, we just can’t get enough of finding out how celebrities get their killer bodies. What sort of training regimes do they follow, what do they eat, what do they drink, what time do they go to bed, what products are they using, in short, how on earth did they get such a body? So I’ve given a few of my close friends a call to see if they could also share their tips with us. Read more.

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