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Daily May

Time Capsules

Any time I come back from any holiday, I return with a suitcase that’s at least a kilo heavier than when I left. Not because I bought a bunch of exiting things… Read more.

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Daily May

Hier word je blij van

Het is bijna 5 december, maar wij spelen nu al voor Sinterklaas. Olcay Gulsen maakte speciaal voor Amayzine een selectie van allemaal exclusieve items, die ze in de SuperTrash (online) stores verkopen… Read more.

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What has our darling Bo been up to in New York this past week? Read about it here! Read more.

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Sunday Shopping

- inspired by tara martin -


Tara needs no introduction. This Cali native has such an enviable wardrobe, we decided it would only be fair to dedicate one of our shoppings to her. Read more.

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6 ways to wear flares


For some reason it’s as though not everyone has fully accepted it yet, but believe us: everyone needs a pair of flares in their closet. It not only gives you that great 70’s vibe, it works wonders on your figure too. Read more.

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Yesss, another look from our cool intern Chantalle. This girl is so disciplined when it comes to our websites graphic design. Read more.

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Daily May

The Mira

Every since I entered my dirty thirties, I’ve become more goal oriented. You’ll currently find me working up a sweat in the gym at least three times a week Read more.

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Celebrity wino's


We own a corkscrew here at the Amayzine head quarters that has the name Chateau Miraval on it. Pens, scissors, staplers they all tend to disappear in the office but the Chateau Miraval corkscrew has been a part of the Amayzine inventory from day one. Read more.

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Saturday Shopping

- inspired by rachel barnes -


Today we’ve got a winter themed look for you inspired by Rachel Barnes. Besides working as a model, this Cali based beauty can also be found online running her own blog entitled Rocky Barnes Blog. Read more.

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Recognize this face? Claire has made an appearance on here before and can you blame us? She’s gorgeous, has a killer wardrobe (not surprising since she studies at a fashion institute) and is a real online influencer. Read more.

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Daily May

My new travel companion

December 10th I’ll be boarding the plane to Sri Lanka and I won’t be coming back until two months later. On January 30th to be exact. In those two months I’ve given myself a two week hiatus… Read more.

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Which day means what

for a date?


Did you ever think about how much influence a day of the week has on a date? It’s a theory a friend of mine recently threw my way which we both tried out and let’s just say, we’re pretty satisfied. Read more.

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Coconut rice with ginger and bok choy


Although I really am an advocate for eating great food, I prefer not to spend too long in the kitchen. This recipe is so easy but the combination of coconut rice and ginger makes it not only healthy, but special too! Read more.

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By now you can probably find a baseball jacket in any fashion savvy girl’s closet. The perfect addition to give any outfit instant attitude. Read more.

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Born in Los Angeles and living in New York, Maya McHenry is an it girl if there ever was one. She’s a photography student interning and CR Fashion book and making quite a name for herself in the Big Apple with her work as well as her ultra cool looks. Read more.

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Gingerbread cookies


Give me any form of gingerbread cookies and I will stuff myself with them. Regular cookies, gingerbread men, seriously anything. But since they aren’t the healthiest snack out there, I have a recipe to compensate eating an entire bag full. Read more.

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