Just like yesterday when I wrote the final Destination Killerbody article ever, I’m sitting and typing with a view over Italian trees and vineyards. I’m on holiday for two weeks in Tuscany, in an area that has always felt like home to me. This holiday is sacred. I drove here with my dad, my sister is flying over with a friend and my friends and loved ones are dropping by, so it’s always an open house with loads of guests.

This year is going to be different. Coming Wednesday I’m getting in a plane and flying back to Amsterdam, and then on Friday morning I’m flying back to Pisa. I’m breaking my long awaited and desperately needed holiday for a few days, for a very good reason: May-Britt and I are on the jury of the Zalando’s Blogger Awards 2014 that take place on Thursday, and that is more than worth the flying up-and-down.

It’s all about three Awards: the Jury Award, the Newcomer Award and the People’s Choice Awards. The first two will be chosen by the jury, who besides us is made up of Ellen Snjider (founder of, Rob Zomer (director of Fashion Week Holland) and Elseline Tolhoek (fashion editor of On Thursday, during an exclusive party for invited guests only, the winners will be announced, and I can already tell you…I know who wins! Woo hoo. The evening will be hosted by Yara Michels from Chapter Friday so it can’t really be anything other than spectacular.

Now for the good news. As I already mentioned, the ceremony and after party are invite only and that sucks, the best parties always seem to have the strictest guest lists. Butttt not any more! Because we’re allowed to give 3 x 2 places away on the guest list, so now you can also totally be there. You’ll be at the show that opens the evening: ZERO by Nanine Linning with work by Hollands pride Iris van Herpen (her designs have been worn by Lady Gaga to mention a name). Afterwards at The Awards ceremony (exciting!) and then you get to stay and enjoy a couple of surprise acts, and of course you’ll go to the infamous after party. It’s all over around 01:00 and you can go home with tired feet from all the dancing.

SO, do you wanna go? Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the posts about it. We’ll be choosing three winners, and to be in the running we would like to know which of the below nominees are your absolute favourite and why. Good luck! Winners of the tickets will be announced on Wednesday.

Jury Award

Newcomer Award

People’s Choice Award

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