6 years in a row: the prettiest oscar gowns

Whereas at most parties and events you’re capable of dropping by wearing something casual, it’s a real no-go at the Oscars. Top-to-toe chic is what you need to be and Hollywood goes all out for the occasion. Read more.

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Fashion week

who you have to follow on snapchat

to know all there is to know about fashion week

For the first time since Amayzine’s launch, we aren’t in New York for Fashion Week. Feeling homesick for the bitter cold, overdose of snow and crazy fashionista’s who, despite the cold, still walk around with bare legs, I’m still trying to stay up to date as much as I can online. Read more.

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In January, I started working as a freelancer. I work as Amayzine’s fashion director but I also get hired to work as a creative consultant for different brands that need styling and trend advice. Read more.

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5 x how to rock

the négligé

Put a gun to my head and make me name just one trend for the spring and I will go for the négligé promoted dress. Read more.

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6 reasons

you want the CHANEL app right this instant

Most fashion houses are still a bit clueless when it comes to the digital world, but when you’ve got Karl Lagerfeld steering your boat, you know it’s bound to be embraced. King Karl has been running his own Instagram account for a while now, and one for his beloved Choupette which already has 71.000 followers. Read more.

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A Hermès or a home?

Los Angeles is obviously a won-der-ful place to cash in some big bucks from the rich and the famous. Or wait, scratch that. The rich. They don’t have to be famous per se. But cashing in surely does work. Last year during an auction a matte Himalayan Nilo crocodile Birkin Bag was depleted for a, wait for it, grand total of 185.000 dollars. I repeat; one-hundred-and-eighty-five-thousand dollars. Read more.

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PRADA goes budget

About a year ago I had an hour to myself during Milan Fashion Week. I did my double annual routine walking down the Corso Venezia. I bought something delicious at the deli on the corner for later on, little boots at the children’s shoe store and oeps, there I was suddenly standing inside the Prada flagship store. Read more.

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Today in the category It Gets Even Crazier we present to you: the temperature controlled wardrobe. Besides being a mouthful it’s a very expensive way of storing your clothes. Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans. Read more.

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Cher for Marc Jacobs

Seeing them attend the MET gala hand-in-hand could have tipped us off. But on the other hand, who would have guessed it? Cher is the new face of Marc Jacobs. Read more.

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Hollywoods power stylists 2015

Every year the Hollywood Reporter makes up their annual report of the 25 most influential celebrity stylists. Whose clients have been the most successful fashion forward, unique or haven’t been bonjoured out of the best-dressed lists? Read more.

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Louis Vuitton cruise collection in Palm Springs

California is hot. Tom Ford chose Los Angeles to launch his new collection and this week Louis Vuitton presented their cruise collection in Palm Springs. Which was unanimously well received. The home of legendary comic Bob Hope was the decor for this special show. A futuristic building that’s been on the market for some time (asking price $50 million) and is now occasionally being used for events. Read more.

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Oh J.Lo, you're so pretty

After the appearance of Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie awards it’s time to pause and take in her surface qualities and radiating beauty. OMG! This woman looks absolutely fabulous. Read more.

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