Fashion Week

May-Britt's sweetest milan memory


Our fashion director Simone and I have just landed back in our city after a few days in Milan, one of my favorite cities, for Fashion Week. We slept at the Diana Majestic hotel, my all time favorite and a popular stomping ground for everyone in fashion to drink cocktails and secretly devour the lavish buffet. Read more.

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New York Fashion Week

the 5 high (or low) -lights


The first phase of the fashion month circuit has been completed and London Fashion Week is currently in full swing. After the snow storm and fashion frenzy in the Big Apple, I think it’s about time to talk about the highlights of the coldest fashion week of them all: New York. Read more.

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the 8 golden tips

of the front row


The last few years I’ve been lucky enough to attend quite a lot of fashion shows for work. My god, I still remember how anxious I was the first time I got to attend one, seated somewhere in the third aisle in the back. I was sold. Read more.

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– The warm welcome at Paul Smith –


Yesterday you could read all about life backstage at Preen. This backstage visit took place on the exact same day. The rush and thrill of London Fashion Week luckily made me forget that I had been getting out of bed at 6 AM every morning and Paul Smith was yet another adventure on my list of things to do. Read more.

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paris diary

part 2


In my previous Paris diary I wrote about meeting up with my old Marie Claire colleague Simone Dernee and how the two of us have spent countless amounts of fashion weeks running from one show to another. We were a perfect fashion season team… Read more.

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London Diary


Amayzine’s been keeping very busy, all in the name of world domination, and so last Saturday I boarded a plane to London, while some of my other co-editors were beating off their New York jetlag. MAC Cosmetics invited me to nose around backstage at a couple of shows during London Fashion Week and to interview Charlotte Olympia and Ellie Goulding about their newest collaboration with this fabulous makeup brand. Read more.

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Models to watch during fashion week season


With New York Fashion Week just completed and London Fashion Week in full swing, we’re still right in the middle of the fashion circus better known as ‘Fashion Season’. For those who have been staying up to date with all the latest shows, here are some of the faces you are bound to have seen numerous times the past week and guaranteed to see all the way through to Paris. Read more.

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6x the most annoying photos on instagram

during Fashion Week


Oh oh oh Fashion Week, the most hectic time of the year, where anybody who is anybody and even anybody who is nobody is suddenly in the picture. Compris? Fashion Week and Instagram go hand in hand and it’s great and all cause it keeps you in the loop of all the shows… Read more.

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Fashion week by numbers


Where one (such as myself for example) loves New York, the other swears by Milan. Meanwhile the real fashion followers can’t live without their annual dose of Paris. Style and taste are debatable topics, but the figures never lie. So I’ve clearly laid them all out for you. And what do you know? My favorite came out on top. Read more.

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Marc Cain:

The star of Berlin Fashion Week


It’s that time of the year again when Europe is starting to buzz and bubble with fashion. From the Men’s fashion week in Milan to the Haute Couture shows in Paris and this week Berlin was Europe’s fashion capital kicking off their summer edition of Berlin Fashion Week on Tuesday. That meant we were on a plane at the crack of dawn… Read more.

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final lessons paris fashion week


And just like we did at the end of past fashion weeks, we close off with some final lessons. A week of running around in Paris has brought us a truckload of them and we would love to share them with you. Here we go. Read more.

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We’re back in Amsterdam! And I’m suffering from a Fashion Week fever; a runny nose, hot and cold flashes and my head is spinning. It must have been caused by my hefty 13-hour schedule of running around all day and sitting down to work on my laptop afterwards. But boy did I have fun! I still owe you a report of the last few days, so off we go. Read more.

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amayzine talks to DOUTZEN


You couldn’t have missed it, I practically screamed it from the rooftops: last Saturday I had the privilege of interviewing Doutzen Kroes. As you know Doutzen is the face of Samsung and this weekend they launched the new S6, with the famous Paris Fashion Week as a witness. Before this grand spectacle, which I discussed here quite thoroughly, I was allowed to sit opposite of Doutzen and ask her a few questions. This is how it went. Read more.

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Va va vuitton

And there you were thinking we were done in Paris after yesterday’s Chanel spectacular. Not just yet. After The Tuesday (taken up by Chanel, Valentino and McQueen) comes The Wednesday with Miu Miu and especially… Vuitton. Read more.

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