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then it's about time you switch up your routine

My alarm clock always goes off an hour before I have to leave the house. This gives me time to slowly wake up, get rid of any sleep residues from my microscopically tiny eyes and hop in the shower.

Yet I don’t know how I do it cause every goddamn day I am still rushed for time! Read more.

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Improve your live

things you should never ask a woman who is single

Single shaming is something that is still very much in full swing and it is usually done in the most subtle ways possible. The person asking the question isn’t necessarily trying to be malicious but the person in question isn’t entirely aware that he or she is being a, pardon my language, asshole either. Read more.

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Improve your life

yearning for a holiday that isn't happening (yet)?

How to reenact that summer vibe

“I am in desperate need of sunshine.” These were my boyfriends exact words just last week and I can’t blame him. The past few months have been rather hectic. A move, a new pet (cat number three who has turned out to be quite the terrorist) and in the meantime I had a career change of my own. Read more.

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yes, you can: how to become the ultimate best friend

It was all so darn easy back in lower school. You and your friends were always attached at the hip and had a ton of time to kill. Nowadays it’s all, well… Complicated. Read more.

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how to conquer

your boy's closet

Every weekend I say goodbye to the city I live in to crash at my boy’s place out in the suburbs. We don’t live together yet, so our weekends together are our relationships holy grail. I head over on Friday with a shit load of  my clothes, because hey, you never know what you’re going to need to wear. Read more.

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I’m lousy when it comes to new years resolutions but I wouldn’t call this a resolution per se, more of a lifestyle change. I know I know, practically the same thing, but still different. Cause although your friends are great and fun and you love them… Read more.

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team granny

So last week we decided to discuss some embarrassing hobbies we all have at the office. Believe me, some of the weirdest things came up but luckily I came across and article on which stated that there are certain things we really don’t need to be ashamed of. Read more.

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