Things your significant other

People in relationships always mutter that “honesty is the best policy” and that “we tell each other everything.” I think that that is bullshit and that there are certain situations where it is absolutely okay to keep your lips sealed. Read more.

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| 11:14 am

get rid of the type that has an eye on your man

I once found a novel (well let’s say it was blank sheets of paper filled with letter) by a female novelist in my husband’s office. The inscription said: “ You can always meet me….. Read more.

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| 11:04 am

This is what women want

“Single women aren’t looking to have sex on the first date” is an article header we’ve seen pop up numerous times on the web or in magazines. “She’d rather be kissed at the end of the first date and schedule a second one.” A Dutch company web shop called Men Today did a bit of research with 1108 single women back in February with a bunch of remarkable results. Read more.

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| 04:00 pm

What you've always wanted to say to your horrible ex

You’re caught in a hefty discussion or a hysterical fight and just after you’ve uttered your last words and walk off you come up with the perfect comeback. Sound familiar? That feeling is called l’esprit de l’escalier: coming up with the perfect response when it’s too late. Very frustrating but the Instagram account I’m about to show you is a good source of inspiration. Read more.

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9 things men should know about sex

I remember Esquire once publishing a research paper stating that women wouldn’t mind roughening up their sex-life. Just a bit more unrefined. So while we’re on the subject anyway, let’s get things going with a few sex lessons. Are we awake now gentlemen? Read more.

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The hottest guys on instagram

And then I stumble across the Instagram account of Nick Bateman and then for the rest of the day I accomplish absolutely nothing as I was far too busy looking at the 430 pictures of him, three times in a row. Nick is an actor and model, and frankly I had never heard of this fine man before, but well who cares. Now my life is simply split in two. Life before Nick Bateman, and life post Nick Bateman. Sorry Lord, it’s time to move on, from now on we will speak in terms of BNB and PNB. Nick is perhaps the most handsome man that I’ve seen for a loooooong time. I would even go so far as to say that I find him more handsome than Johannes and Olivia combined. Ooooh yes! Go on, check for yourself. Read more.

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| 07:15 pm

Men don't like funny women,

but women do like funny men

Yes it was one of the most remarkable things I’ve read in a long time. To make a long story short:  an American research stated that men don’t consider humor an important trait for woman, while women are seemingly always on the lookout for a man that makes them laugh. I thought that odd, because when I speak to my man-friends the first thing they say is that they DO want a woman with humor. Read more.

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| 05:30 pm

What men find attractive about women

according to science

Scientists have the habit of researching things we’re not actually helped with, but on a rare occasion they discover things that are very handy indeed. There have been numerous papers on what men find attractive about women if you add them altogether you get the following list. I’d like to say, use this to your advantage ladies. Read more.

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| 12:45 pm

Why friendships with men can be killing for your love life

I’ve always had this theory that a man with a female best friend is better than a man with only man friends. This is because he gets some feminine input once in a while regarding his actions thus getting a better understanding of the opposite sex which in turn is good for us. Read more.

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6 lessons in Love

Kissing across borders

You’ve probably had a look across the border before and hopefully you’ll be spending your August abroad. The focus of attention is a phenomenon known as: the kiss. Every kissing-country has it’s own kissing-customs, so read this to prevent uncomfortable situations when pouting the lips. Read more.

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