Look of the day

kiki duren


Hey look, it’s our girl Kiki again. In a dress and high heels, duh. I wouldn’t mind having a peek through Kiki’s closet… Read more.

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Look of the day

AnneLot Stoelman


The teddy is very hot and happening guys. I’ve spotted them all over. If you’re still a little clueless as to what kind of winter coat you want to wear this winter, go for the teddy… Read more.

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Look of the day



Ha. Iris has a Gucci crush. I spotted it right away. Don’t worry though, it happens to the best of us. That belt, I can’t think of a better investment… Read more.

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Look of the day

Talisa Cheung


To be fair, I really don’t mind that the days are getting a little colder and the odds of rain is a little more likely. These fall and winter months ooze some sort of coziness… Read more.

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Look of the day

Lizzy Perridon


I mean, what do you expect when Chiara Ferragni is your style icon. That evidently translates into the coolest looks, point proven today by Miss Lizzy Peridon… Read more.

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Look of the day

Josselin Bijl


As you might already know, I’ve got a thing for Taylor Swift. It sucks that I can’t sing, or else I would have signed up for a lookalike contest. It’s thanks to Taylor that… Read more.

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Look of the day

Esther Dorhout Mees


Designer Esther Dorhout Mees has fully recovered from her couture show held during Paris Fashion Week. Not bad being programmed in-between Galliano and Givenchy, just saying… Read more.

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Look of the day

Tessa Alberts


Tessa spent about six months sitting across from me at our office and happened to be one of the coolest graphic design interns we’ve ever had… Read more.

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Look of the day

carolien karthaus


Carolien could easily go through life as a model. This newlywed knows exactly how to look into the lens and what she’s even better at: knowing how to dress… Read more.

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Look of the day

Kiki Düren


Confession: ik vind het dus eigenlijk altijd vet awkward om te poseren (lees dit maar even), maar gelukkig weet huisfotografe Vivian me altijd zo… Read more.

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Look of the day

Josselin Bijl


I might be one of the few who really doesn’t mind that the temperatures are decreasing. Look, I can spend hours complaining about rain, but the cold can be cozy… Read more.

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Look of the day

Tess de Graaf


Tess likes to describe herself as a ‘lady who likes to go wild’. I read this before seeing the outfit photos, so I was prepped for something over the top including leopard print… Read more.

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Look of the day

Lilian brijl


For anyone who is lacking in the inspiration department today, take a look at Lilian’s outfit. Copy her and you can’t go wrong. It’ll definitely spare you some time in front of your closet in the morning… Read more.

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Look of the day

Lotte de Groot


Why why why do I always get the looks that I want to immediately copy-paste into my very own closet? Today we’ve got another hit from Lotte de Groot… Read more.

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Look of the day

linsey sijmons


Ha! This girl is the epitome of a rock chick. Well, at least she happens to look like one. Her source of inspiration is Anna Dello Russo, who she happens to have recently met… Read more.

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Look of the day

Simone Olivia


Switching seasons always hits me a little hard. I hate having to say goodbye to the summer and end up being stuck with the same dilemma every morning… Read more.

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