Sweater weather

Musthaves Sweaters

It’s November, and perhaps you think you’ve had to swap your summer wardrobe way too quickly for fall/winter. But sweater weather is in full swing but… Read more.

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Creep it real good


The one week countdown to Halloween has begun. Although I think the most of us will be celebrating the night of the dead this weekend. Don’t have an outfit yet?… Read more.

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Best belt


We’ve started spotting them more often than not around the hips and waists of fashion mavens: the belt. Whereas we used to prefer hiding them underneath sweaters… Read more.

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It’s the perfect present to treat yourself to, or perhaps it’s even great to give to someone else: a wallet. Don’t have the money to spend on a new bag, but you do feel the need to update your collection with a touch-up?… Read more.

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office attire


Did your summer fly by and do you find yourself already dealing with a bit of Monday Madness now that you had to bid farewell to the weekend? I get it… Read more.

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Pin it


Broches, patches and pins: they’ve become staple pieces for fashionistas. The charms, bows and silver/gold decorations – you name it – have been suited up into a new suit… Read more.

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The choker


Here’s a trend from the 90’s that we’ve seen a lot of lately: the choker. But this time around, they’re decorated with embellishments… Read more.

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Personalize it


You were thrilled when you bought your new sneakers. They might have been on the expensive side, but hey, you are wearing exclusive Nikes on your feet… Read more.

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scarf it up


Spotted in the spring, and now everyone wants them this summer: scarves. We’ve been spotting it with our fashion radar ever since the sun decided to come out. How to wear them?… Read more.

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travel accessories


August is only a week away. People are in the midst of their summer holidays, the temperatures are up and the summer sale is at an ultimate high. If you haven’t jetted off to a tropical destination yet, odds are that you’re in the process of packing your bag to do so. And when you travel, you want to do so in style… Read more.

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Flower Shower


When you think of the summer, you think of floral dresses. Perhaps the most summery print of them all. And that’s what designers think too. Every year. So what better way to recreate the summer than through the use of a flower shower?… Read more.

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Tropical vibes only


It’s the summer. Holidays have all been booked and you’ve probably already done plenty of discount shopping. How about we continue to celebrate the summer and what better way to do it than by taking on the tropical trend full force… Read more.

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Shine is my favorite color


Hot out or not, this summer we’re all looking for a cool eye-catcher. Why not in the form of a pair of shades? I’ve collected ten of the coolest sunglasses for you, straight out of the summer sale… Read more.

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Summer is here. Holidays are being booked and summer dresses are being pulled out of the backs of everyones closets. It’s time to celebrate. And what better way to do it than chilling on your beach towel with you feet in the sand?… Read more.

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Shoeaholic sale


Last week we had ten coveting designer bags that are currently on sale. These week it’s time for the shoe hoarders because now that the summer sale has starter… Read more.

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sale is here


Summer is here and this doesn’t only mean great weather, it also means: summer sale! Can’t really think of a better time to get your hands on a designer bag… Read more.

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Best basics


With good basics you’ll have endless options. Ain’t that the truth. Fashion girls are fans of cool bags, bold items of clothing and the most amazing shoes…. Read more.

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Singing in the rain


April showers didn’t really bring May flowers this month and it seemed like the weather gods weren’t on our side this month. The weather in New York… Read more.

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Manic Monday


There’s one day in the week that we all struggle to get back into work mode. Makes sense, especially when you’ve just enjoyed two wonderful days off, or perhaps even a holiday, but you can’t beat around the bush… Read more.

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Beach stuff you love


Now that summer is leering around the corner and in some countries, the summer holiday have already taken flight, people are booking their holiday’s, stocking up on the perfect summer dresses and on the hunt for the ideal beach items… Read more.

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