My life in a bag

romy jansen


Normally we like to save our bags for Tuesdays, but this week we switched it up a bit. Nothing wrong with showing you a stunner on a Thursday. Today we’re giving Romy the stage. She describes herself as a real ‘hoarder’ and well… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Linsey Sijmons


Today we’ve got Linsey Sijmons’ sexy leopard love. Since she’s not allowed to have any pets in her home, she opted for a different furry friend to live with. Perfect solution, no?… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Anouk jansen


Anouk works at one one of the best stores in the Netherlands called Shoebaloo, so she’s always surrounded by the prettiest shoes and bags from big names like Fendi, Gucci and Isabel Marant… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Isabelle Heijhoff


She’s appeared on the site before in our Look of the Day’s and I’ve already fallen in love with her Valentino bag. Today Isabelle is introducing us to her very first designer baby… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Keesje Heldoorn


You never know when the sun will be out and that’s why Keesje always carries around a pair of sunglasses. Well that, and to hide any signs of a hangover… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Evan Dijkstra


This girl has taste, you can spot it immediately. So it’s no surprise she works as a stylist and always puts together the coolest looks. And let’s not forget the beaut’s you can find dangling from her shoulders… Read more.

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My life in a bag

rianne meijer


It’s Tuesday which means it’s time to introduce you to a new bag. This week it’s Rianne’s turn. Curious to know what the story is behind this bag of hers? And it’s content? Check it out here… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Danielle de Ridder


This is Danielle, who’s collected quite the number of bags. And she’s not done with her collection just yet. She’s still got every bag from Chanel on her wish list… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Isaya Elais


Just by looking at this girl, you know she’s got taste. It probably won’t surprise you either that she works as a model and that she always manages to get decked out in the nicest outfits and always has the perfect head of hair… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Merrith van den Bosch


Today we’re introducing you to Merrith’s favorite bag which she bought on her ‘I’m in the mood to buy something’-whim. Want to know what she always carries around and which bags are still on her wish list. She’s here to tell us all about it. Ready? Read more.

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My life in a bag

Esther Vedder


We’re happy to introduce you to Esther Vedder and her amazing collection of bags. She has a total of 15 bags, but she’s slightly cheating. You might be thinking, hey I’ve already seen Esther in My Life in a Bag, but that would be her twin sister Anne Vedder… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Kae Sutherland


Today we’re introducing you to Kae’s stunner that was gifted to her for the 22nd birthday. Curious to know what she carries around everyday and which bags are still on her wish list?… Read more.

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My life in a bag

anne vedder


Okay, so since it’s Tuesday, it’s time to check out another bag. And since we had such a stunner in today’s Look of the Day, we figured, why let this beauty just pass us by?… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Vivian hoorn


When Vivian is at work (she works as our in-house photographer), she always makes sure that all the spotlight is on us. She’ll get down on her knees in the most uncomfortable positions to get that perfect shot of our Chanel bag or new sneakers… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Iris dijkers


This is Iris, and you might know her from A Dash of Fash which is filled with photos of her coolest outfits, fashion events that she attends and travel reports from all over the globe. According to Iris, a bag is the ideal way to give any outfit a boost… Read more.

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My life in a bag

olcay gulsen


This beauty belongs to our fashion friend Olcay Gulsen. Olcay is currently one of the worlds coolest fashion designers. Her ST. studio collection makes us extremely greedy… Read more.

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My life in a bag

Lily tjon


The owner of this pretty bag is Lily Tjon. Lily runs her own site called Hashtag by Lily covering fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle. Paris, Mallorca, Copenhagen and Bali… Read more.

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My life in a bag



This Céline beauty is the property of our fashion friend Zoe Karssen. Zoe is currently one of the coolest designers out there. From her sweaters with cool texts like ‘Easy-Tiger’ and ‘What’s Up Buttercup’ she’s got us piling up our wardrobes with stacks of shirts and sweaters. Ever wonder what Zoe carries around in her own bag on a day to day basis? Check it out here. Read more.

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