union soup


‘Simone, will your mom be making her union soup’ This was a standard question my friends would always ask me when I’d invite them over for a girls night at my place… Read more.

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| 04:02 pm


Brownies, but different


In principal, it’s not all that difficult to take unhealthy things and make healthier versions of them. But some cakes and cookies should stay as they are… Read more.

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| 12:27 pm




Braziiiiil, la la la la la la la laaaaa. The weather is nice out and we’re all in a Brazilian state of mind, reason enough to head on into your kitchen this afternoon to treat yourself to a freshly made Caipirinha… Read more.

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| 12:22 pm


6 summer juices


It’s summer and summer means heat (if you’re lucky). And heat means light meals. At least it does for me. But half way through the day you’re going to find yourself craving for something so why not treat yourself to a super light and happy juice to recharge for the rest of the day?… Read more.

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| 01:58 pm


an easy quinoa salad recipe


Don’t know what to make for dinner this evening? Not in the mood for something that’s too heavy, but you don’t really want a cold meal either because it’s not too hot outside, but also not too hot? I’m at your service… Read more.

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| 12:28 pm


Super simple raw chocolate cake


Generally speaking, when you plan on eating something sweet, you have to do it the right way. Sugar, flower and butter included. That extra run around the block won’t hurt you when you want to dump the calories after… Read more.

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| 10:42 am


Recipe for coconut macaroons


I can never get enough of coconuts. In my smoothies, in a curry, in granola bars in the morning or coconut water after working out. Today I’ve got a recipe for you featuring my favorite fruit… Read more.

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| 06:42 pm

a healthy breakfast recipe


So many different sources are telling us to eat less bread, I’ve been trying to change up my breakfast routine. But honestly, I don’t think there are too many options when it comes to healthy breakfasts that taste good too and I absolutely hate oatmeal. Read more.

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| 11:14 am

Coconut rice with ginger and bok choy


Although I really am an advocate for eating great food, I prefer not to spend too long in the kitchen. This recipe is so easy but the combination of coconut rice and ginger makes it not only healthy, but special too! Read more.

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| 01:27 pm

Gingerbread cookies


Give me any form of gingerbread cookies and I will stuff myself with them. Regular cookies, gingerbread men, seriously anything. But since they aren’t the healthiest snack out there, I have a recipe to compensate eating an entire bag full. Read more.

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| 08:25 pm

pancake paradise!

with Ellemieke Vermolen


I love the weekend. Everything is relaxed, theres no need to rush, no alarm clocks, and you’re free to do as you please. Now I know the work week only just started but it’s always nice when you’ve got something to look forward to. Read more.

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| 08:26 pm