Sexy Friday



How about we start the day with a taboo: sex addiction. The numbers seem to increase each year. Not entirely surprising if you look at the endless amount of options of free porn online… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

12 of the funniest sex tweets


There are some couples out there who have steamy sex every day of the week. Others who are content having it twice a month. Whichever category you belong to, these absurd tweets are going to make you giggle regardless. Long live TwitterRead more.

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Sexy Friday

subtle hints that show you he's a beast in bed


“I wonder what he’s like in the bedroom?” is a thought that came up when I wrote about Justin Timberlake last week. Only to conclude that he must be a bizarre sexy lover who will start his evening off dancing with you in the living room, softly sing into your ear and then bring you to a whole new high in your bed… Read more.

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Sexy Friday



I came across a rather dubious new trend that I have to share with your guys. Lately, it’s as if a lot of people are having ‘something’ done down under. Because well, they want to spice it up… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

21 things that go through your head when he goes down under

“Yes I'm coming, I'm coming, I'M COMING! Fuck, false alarm...”


Okay, I’m just going to head straight to the point today. You’re lover, your fuck buddy or your one night stand decides to go down under for a one way ticket to heaven, and when it happens, there are quite a number of absurd things that go through your head… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

7 things men are ashamed of during sex


Whoever thought women were the only ones multitasking during the dirty deed should go and stand in a corner. There are all sorts of things going through the male brain while he’s doing the nasty. And more importantly: these are the things he’s ashamed of… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

13 things that go through your head the first time you're doing the hanky-panky


The first time you and your lover go all the way under the covers (or in the shower, the kitchen counter – who am I to judge) can be a deal breaker. Especially if it happens when you weren’t exactly expecting it to. Believe me: all hell can break loose. And a bunch of absurd things will be going through your head… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

7 tips for a better orgasm


Women and orgasms: for some it’s a piece of cake, for others it only happens when they’re lucky. Or it never happens at all. That’s why tips to experience this ultimate peak are always more than welcome… Read more.

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Sexy Friday

11 sex facts to spice up your friday


How’s this for a nice afternoon break at the office, while you’re taking a bathroom break, or somewhere else in between: here are some hilarious sex facts that you definitely want to read about. Because believe me: there’s a whole lot of freaky shit in this world that you hadn’t heard of yet, but you definitely want to know about… Read more.

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