what do you wear to


“Jet, I went to bootcamp and I loved it! I’ve got another one planned next week!” For some reason or another, people always enjoying coming up to me to let me know they’ve either worked out or they’ve been eating healthy…. Read more.

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sneaker sunday

Amayzine’s health editor Jet can always be found wearing sneakers whereas Liesbeth and May-Britt are usually spotted walking in heels. Slowly but surely, Jet’s wardrobe is starting to consist of more heels, but luckily she’s got a great sneaker buddy in me. Read more.

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Not in the mood to work out?

These quotes will motivate you. I hope.

If you aren’t in the mood to workout: no problem, then don’t. But there are ways to boost your motivation since you how happy you always are as soon as you are done. There are tricks like planning to work out with a friend, because no one wants to cancel on those kind of appointments last minute. Read more.

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the best workout songs

Absolutely nothing is more annoying than having my phone die right before I’m off to run a few blocks. It’s reason enough for me to go straight back home. Working out with music is boring as hell. Read more.

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Hip and safe ways of running in the dark

We’re still adjusting to the morning day light, or better yet, lack there of, especially when it comes to working out. It’s hard to get out of bed when it’s still dark out and it’s so unbelievably tempting to just stay in bed and hit your snooze button rather than going outside for your daily run around the block… Read more.

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How to find the perfect pair of running shoes

One of our readers emailed me regarding this subject. Great topic. She wanted to buy a pair of shoes online but giving her advice was a bit tricky since a great fit really depends on the size of your foot, your weight, where you plan on running and the distance (long or short). Read more.

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Secret workouts

You can occasionally catch May-Britt training her legs when she’s pumping gas. Things like squats or a few leg lifts. Now I know what you might be thinking: what’s the use when you’re only doing for such a short amount of time? Alright, okay, I’ll give it to you, the effect is not as grand as a full on workout, but hey, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect you at all. Read more.

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this is how you Work out in New York

The Ricky Aston– experience. It’s one that you really need to experience when you’re in New York. Alright look, we were a little bit lucky that Ricky was willing to get out of his bed to give us a free workout on a Sunday morning (cause he is one of the most sought after celebrity trainers and that comes with a bit of a hefty price tag). Read more.

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want to work out but not in the mood to do it?

This will boost your motivation

It’s not like I don’t ever throw my iPhone to the corner of my room when my alarm goes off and spend another hour snoozing. You don’t have to go. No one is forcing you to get up every morning and work up a sweat. Except you, so you are the only one who can do something about it. Well, if you planned a workout in the gym with a friend, then it’s common courtesy to show up. Read more.

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How to use superfoods

They’re great and all, all those super foods, but it’s all about how you use them. How often, combined with what, and don’t forget that if you’re aiming for a killer body, it still requires working out. Nowadays people have the tendency to throw whatever they please into the blender without actually knowing what it is good for. And throwing in a mixture of different powders is useless. Am I hinting at a bit of frustration? Absolutely. Read more.

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Okay, obviously getting fit in one day is a bit of an exaggeration, but there are plenty of sports you can do for a couple of hours making you sore in places you never even knew was possible. Read more.

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Workouts you can do at the office

I’m a huge fan of the 7-minute workout app. Especially when you have a busy day and haven’t had a lot of time to workout; these apps give you the feeling that you’ve done something. Doing them twice in a row is even better. Come on, I’m sure you can miss 15 minutes of your day? Read more.

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That's how Miranda does it

Miranda Kerr. Kind of perfect you could say. Maybe not on the inside, but it certainly looks that way. Physically anyway. I’m starting to figure out what foods are good for me, what gives me energy and what to avoid. Still it’s always interesting to find out what others do. Read more.

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The best hotel gyms in Europe

There are two things that I find very important in a hotel. A good bar and a great gym. Indeed, exact opposites, but I absolutely do not want that whisky sour hanging around on my hips. St. Martins Lane, the hotel that we’ve been staying in the last few days in London has both. Read more.

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| 08:45 pm

This is how models do it

We constantly have new super foods, diet trends and sport techniques thrown at us. It’s enough to drive me crazy sometimes. This week porridge is out and a whole wheat sandwich is in. Oh and oconut oil is the worst possible oil for you. Read more.

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Hate running?

this will make you love it

I like to go for a run everyday. For me it beats going to the gym any time. Especially when it comes to the time saved. All it takes is pulling on your jogging gear, tying up your shoes and heading out the door. Read more.

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