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emmanuelle alt


We want what the French ladies have. Or to be more precise, the Parisian ladies. They have a way of always looking very effortlessly chic. Read more.

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Nicole Huisman


Does the name Nicole Huisman ring a bell? Not yet? Well, she’s definitely one to keep an eye out for. This Amsterdam based freelance stylist and creative… Read more.

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– polish parade –


While beauty editor Coco is making her way around all the festivals, discovering the latest beauty trends, I’m at home having my own little festival. A festival of color. Sounds very exciting but it’s very simple… Read more.

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Things we love

- Camera -


I’m going to begin with a rant. I really have a love-hate relationship with cameras. On the one side I have absolutely no interest to be in a picture and posing is far from my favorite thing, but then on the other hand it’s always so nice have these personal moments captured and to look back on snapshots…  Read more.

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Things we love

– ice cream–


Okay, so last week the summer truly gave us a big slap. Four days of insanely high temperatures. There was no escape from the heat. Normally the summer weather is my favorite, but last weeks extremeness and the feeling of sweat trickling down the back of my legs was too much to handle. Read more.

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- bikini -


To keep that summer feeling going I’ve thrown myself into a new addiction. Yes we’re at the office, and even though colleagues post pictures of us in the garden, most of the time we’re sitting neatly behind our desks. Read more.

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Ask me what I want to eat and I will never give you rice as my answer. I’ll have a nice salad or a little bowl of pasta. Simply because rice always seems too much work to cook and prepare and I’m just not usually up for all that effort. Sushi on the other hand, well, that I can not get enough of. Read more.

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Things we love

– the bike –


We have a new colleague at the office. Blue Ivy. Well basically it’s a bike, a very cool bike blue designer bike. It was a gift for Liesbeth from Levi’s and has now become a staff favorite. Read more.

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Things we love


The weather can change at the drop of a hat so that the summery outfit you put on that morning is screaming for a shawl in the afternoon. The solution? A trench coat. Read more.

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– Sunshine in a box  –


I have always embraced powdered noses. I don’t mean hiding behind layers of foundation so you look like a makeup doll, just some added color. Nobody gets any happier looking at pale people and a ray of sunshine has never hurt anyone. Read more.

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– The KLM Houses –


I used to think those little blue KLM houses were only accessible for the lucky few. True, well partially, besides flying business class you have to be on an international flight. Read more.

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There’s just one Kenzo sweater in my closet and boy does it make me happy. De road to actually owning a Kenzo sweater was a long one, made bearable thanks to Liesbeth and Jet, and bringing total bliss when after all that searching it was mine. Now, I have my eye on another Kenzo item, and I expect I will have to follow the same long path. Read more.

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– Chanel Chance eau tendre –


As a beauty editor I have no reason to complain. My wardrobe may not hold an extravagant collection, but when it comes to perfume I’m all air. There are quite a few bottles on my dressing table, besides them being decorative I can always find the one that completes my outfit. Read more.

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–   Louis Vuitton handbag  -


In about 30 minutes we’ll be sitting front row at Louis Vuitton. OK, not in Paris, but probably a bit more relaxed behind a laptop with a cup of tea. May is eagerly anticipating the show and dragged me along in her enthusiasm. We’ve spent the whole day talking about our Louis Vuitton favorites. Read more.

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- the Maison Michel ears -


Something I think looks fabulous on others, but I don’t dare wear myself are hats. To be specific, it’s an issue. It looks good, but it’s such a fuss with cycling (blows off my head), walking (I have the feeling I can’t see everything) and actually everything else to do with getting around. On the other hand, a hat really does complete an outfit beautifully. And sometimes that’s simply very necessary. Read more.

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– Dior Sunglasses –


As you know, I spend hours looking at Pinterest. You see the loveliest things, but it also awakens the buying monster within. All those lovely people who I follow, post must-haves for the season and I have recently been seeing the ‘So Real’ sunglasses from DIOR a lot. Read more.

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Moleskine Agenda


When I was still at school, and I’m talking high school here, I looked forward to every summer vacation and the moment that I could buy a new agenda. The shops were full of them and I always went for the DIY-agenda. With plastic sleeves that you could pop your photos in. And preferably with colourful elastics, so you could stick papers and other stuff in between the pages. I’ve outgrown the DIY-stage thank goodness and of course I’m far more organised than before, and those fussy agendas are history. They’ve made way for the Moleskine. Read more.

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