Thank god it's Friday

Buffi Duberman

Anytime there’s some sort of uncomfortable silence during a birthday visit (or such), I queue in my list of English blunders. Like my extremely dainty colleague who asked a business partner’s kid: “And what is your best vak (sounds like f*ck) at school?”… Read more.

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| 06:36 pm

Sandrine is our woman in New York. She has Dutch roots but has lived in the most vibrant city in the world for more than twenty years. Doing what?

Being one of the top make-up artists. Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, name someone and her brush has touched them. When I read that she had ‘done’ Leo di Caprio, I wanted to know absolutely everything, EVERYTHING. And when I get it, you get it. Read more.

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| 07:20 pm

I almost don’t need to explain who Noor is. A real Amayzine friend. See here and here. She’s usually traveling around the world, but is in Amsterdam currently for a few weeks. Not for vacation either, so I was lucky to be able to grab a few minutes of her time for TGIF. Noor, how was your week? Read more.

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| 12:52 pm

Blogger Linda Tol, recognisable from far by her style and hair. Photographers storm her whenever they see her. Her Instagram account and site are full of inspiring photos. Not for nothing that she won the Zalando’s Blogger Award 2014. She’s been living in Milan since recently (of course, you have to have been there). Linda, how was your week? Read more.

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| 06:02 pm

WE’re all bloody nervous for tomorrow, let alone how Ilse DeLange must feel. Especially now that rumours are circulating she lost her Jimmy Choos. Time to ask her how she’s doing Read more.

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Thank god it's friday with Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer, we’re unanimous (which is already a unicum), she has the best closet of the country (and she doesn’t even have a stylist), the best hair (totally real), and she also sings and plays the saxophone. Tomorrow evening she’s going to perform at DANDY, which is Club Dauphine’s younger brother… Read more.

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| 05:51 pm