Daily May

Perfect PJ's

Most nights you probably don’t sleep in more than your Love Stories undies and a T-shirt that you received with your Vogue subscription… Read more.

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Daily May

Born to run

Sometimes I think music wise I should have been born in a different era. I’ve never had a serious case of Bieber Fever… Read more.

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Daily May

no more dry lips

If there is one thing I despise about the cold, it’s how dry your lips get. But luckily my prayers have been answered in the shape of Starskin… Read more.

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Daily May

my ode to cinnamon

Cinnamon, cinnamon coffee, cinnamon oats, cinnamon cake, cinnamon cookies, cinnamon here, cinnamon there, cinnamon everywhere… Read more.

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Daily May

attention seeker

I have two of the cutest at home. Luna and Monza. But Monza always had a way of staying out of the spotlight… Read more.

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Daily May


May-Britt had me on the edge of my seat for four weeks. You might recall the story of May-Britt spending a fortune… Read more.

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Daily May

Vogue Chogue

You can wake me up for chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely and time of the nights (or even better in the morning right when I wake up)… Read more.

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Daily May

you go kristina

Discribing the search for the perfect shade of nude lipstick in one word? Hell. I’ve been looking for the perfect color à la Kristina Bazan… Read more.

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