print on print

The print-on-print look is debatable but hey, some trends just take a little getting used to. And what better way to get used to them than scrolling through these inspiring street style looks? Read more.

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It used to be that bomber jackets were only worn by pilots, but nowadays avery self respecting fashionista has one in het closet. This item is here to stay and give any outfit a bit more attitude. Read more.

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| 03:44 pm

Hair trend

pimp your ponytail


Wearing your hair in a ponytail is comfortable and easy yet I hardly ever do it. That’s why I ended up with red curry hair after having dinner at a Thai restaurant. Having learned my lesson I stopped at the drugstore for some thin hair elastics and stylishly whipped my hair into a ponytail before sitting down to dinner again at my favorite Thai restaurant. Here’s how I did it: Read more.

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two toned lips


Excusez-moi, two shades of lipstick on one mouth? Yes, we can. It is definitely something I’m going to try. What’s life without risks? Read more.

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| 03:32 pm

Trend of Beauty

bright blue


Winter trend becomes summer trend: bright blue eyeliner, eye shadow or eye pencil. They sure turn my brown eyes blue, but in a good way. Chiara Ferragni, and, rising star, Lupita Nyong’o know what I’m talking about, seen everywhere at the latest Fashion Weeks. Read more.

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| 01:09 pm

Blood Red



Do you want to be assured of a sensual and sexy look that will turn the heads of all men this weekend? Go for a blood red colour on your lips. Red works like a charm anyway, because men find it the most attractive colour, but with the addition of a drop of brown in your colour, you will also have a look that is on the trend list. Oh yes, don’t worry about your lipstick sticking to your glass and rubbing off slightly. It should. Soft and gently faded on the lips is très good. Read more.

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The day after. It was a great party, you saw and read about, but the day after is a bit of a thing. I’m still reliving the joy, but my face is a little pale. From hitting the Veuve. Luckily pale faces are trending at the moment. The models all walked with whiter than white painted eyebrows for Alexander McQueen and for Blumarine. So maybe I need to go and apply some more powder, at least then I’ll have a good, responsible reason for going outside looking like this. Read more.

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The shows in London, Milan and New York are guiding us. The look is basic, natural, healthy and glowing. As if you just stepped outside without doing a thing. Not true of course, a little concealer and foundation here and there to hide those blemishes are required, but that’s it. Flawless. Read more.

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| 10:02 am

A handful of gold


Let’s start this Monday morning all shiny and gleaming, because the nail trend of this season is gold and glow. Nails should be cared for and if you really want to do it well… Read more.

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Eyeliner was the beauty eye-catcher at the Gaultier and Iceberg shows, to name just two of many. Lines were used in many different playful ways. Read more.

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Forgive me, but when I think of green make-up, Shrek immediately pops into my head. But I changed my mind after seeing these green looks, they’re actually quite inspiring. Read more.

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| 09:46 am


It’s all or nothing

The eyelash trend this autumn is one of extremes. Either no mascara at all or the very longest and thickest application ever. Doll eyes. The more mascara the better. Read more.

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| 07:14 am


How to work a Burgundy lip

The burgundy lip has been spotted at a few shows for a few seasons now. Darker, more exciting and very sexy. It’s back again to stay for this autumn, which seems to have already started. Read more.

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Black make-up has always been hip-per-de-pip. For example, the winged eyeliner trending look that I wrote about last week. But let’s mix it up a little. White make-up is also quite popular. Sounds a little spooky, but like Casper, it’s quite friendly. Read more.

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| 10:37 am


Head Pieces

Do you want to make an impression this evening? Go for a head piece. Reminded me a little of Elsa Schiaparelli, she always wore those impressive things on her head. Read more.

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| 05:33 pm


A Win-Wing situation

It can never be big enough, exaggerated enough or intense enough. The new eye-trend is the wing. A wing made with eyeliner (and most of your pot is used up) or damp eyeshadow. Can be nicely intense in black or in another dark metallic colour. Oh yeah, I told you about winking big with golden mascara earlier this week, but this trend…this trend will make even more of a winking impression. Read more.

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If you absolutely want to have the most impressive wink on the terrace this weekend, then check this trend out. A little gold on the lashes. You probably already guessed that we were fans, because of the eyebrow thing (a little over the top use of gold – let’s be fair). But still, a little gold can’t hurt. Looks chic and makes an impression. Read more.

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We all noticed that purple hair became a bit of a trend this summer. The luck continues though, for the real purple fans. Purple on the eyes, purple on the lips, you can do it all. Subtly with an eyeliner, or perhaps just the corners, more dramatic with a pastel purple on the eyelids or a touch of glamour with a burgundy lip. Probably not all at one time though to avoid looking like the Milka-cow, but a subtle accent here and there goes a long way.

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| 12:23 pm