This has been the golden child for Lancôme for the past fifty years. It all started with a regenerating cream that repairs the skin and keeps it young. Through the years they have added more products with these benefits. And now there is this oil. Read more.

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I am sure you know by now that we have quite the eyebrow fetish. Our brows get waxed by the experts using the necessary brow-bars and we are also not afraid to admit that we dabble with powders and pencils to give things a little more color and better shape. Read more.

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something that involves youth and serum


It’s been keeping me occupied for about a year or so: the fact that I’ m reaching the end of my twenties. Bo recently wrote about the big 3-0. I have about ten months to go but my skin seems to be getting ahead of me. A little frown here a laugh line there. Read more.

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Easter days have passed and I’m sure you all had fun and laughter at your brunch table. Even I went for an egg-hunt (the chocolate version – so I couldn’t show anyone the eggs I actually found – they just had to take my word for it, and the wrappers) and my little butter lamb is missing vital parts. Read more.

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