Daily shot of sleaze

the douchebag strikes again

I’m sure you all saw how Gigi Hadid pretty much got man handled last week by a guy who thought it would be funny to just pick her up in the middle of the street. Can we give Gigi an applause by the way for the way she stuck up for herself showing us all how signing up for a boxing class is a good idea… Read more.

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| 10:44 am

Look of the day

Carolien karthaus


Voilà, a new look from our girl Carolien with the brand new asset: a new last name. And it looks great. The fun thing about Carolien is that she’s got her own style and she always introduces me to new brands I had never heart about before… Read more.

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Daily May

We have a winner

Giveaways. I happen to always be the unlucky one who never ever wins anything. Until I decided to give it another shot… Read more.

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| 07:01 am

Fun & Famous

4 X why these sunglasses are the shit


Whispering? No these sunglasses were screaming my name out there in Milan. It was actually an entire choir chirping ‘May, May, May’ in the Gucci store in the Via Montenapoleaone. I gave all of them a good feel, but this one was mine for the taking… Read more.

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| 03:28 pm

Amayzine top 3


six good reasons to online shop right now


It’s September 28th which means your boss just transferred your much deserved paycheck over to your bank account. Hello payday. And since money is meant to be spent but you’re stuck at the office, you’ve got a problem. But I have a solution… Read more.

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| 02:02 pm

Look of the day

Charlene Chua


This is Charlene Chua. The name alone is already immensely cool. It’s kind of a rock and roll version of Coco Chanel. And then when you add her stunning looks in the mix as well as a cool outfit, you know you’ve got yourself a winner… Read more.

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| 08:33 am


Fun & Famous

Let's talk about that debate

As I’m writing this, I’m re-watching the presidential debate which took place last night. I like to stay as informed as I can about everything that’s happening on the other side of the ocean, but I also try to avoid getting stuck in debates about a government that isn’t my own… Read more.

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| 07:16 pm

Fun & Famous

Bradxit: the update


Guys, I’m having a hard time keeping up. The Brangelina rumor train is speeding ahead in full force. An affair here, an airplane fight there, and everything in between. I think it’s about time to put some order in all this divorce chaos… Read more.

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Here’s something we all have in common: the 4 o’clock slump at the office. Some have it harder than others, but the fact is, around 4 in the afternoon, procrastination has a way of hitting you hard… Read more.

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| 02:07 pm

Trend of the day



You won’t hear us complaining during a little bit of rain and wind. I mean, why should be when we can just put our hoodies on?… Read more.

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Daily shot of sleaze

the girls are back in town

How about I make you all really happy this Tuesday morning. Cause I’ve got some news. Some great news. Guess who might be returning to your TV screens? Yehesss the four coolest friends from Manhattan: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda (or does she still live in Brooklyn) and Charlotte… Read more.

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| 10:39 am

Look of the day

Nadeche de Zwart


This is a look that thrills all of us at the office because you can do no wrong with Gucci. And the rest of the look is giving us summer vibes even though we just said our adieu’s to that season… Read more.

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Daily May


I’m a yoyo. And I probably always will be. No matter what diet I try, I always end up with an added couple of kilo’s… Read more.

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| 07:15 am

Fun & Famous



Us fit buddy’s like to share all that’s bitter and all that’s sweet. Besides our PR’s (personal records for all those non-athletes who are reading this) and progression photos, so it’s only fair to share the things that are bitter too… Read more.

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| 05:52 pm

Happy & Healthy

eating your way to healthy hair


We’ve all experienced it at least once. Your favorite hairdresser no longer being your favorite. Buh-bye long locks. Well girl, I’m here to help you out because if you use my tips, there will be a couple extra centimeters in no time… Read more.

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| 03:41 pm