Happy & Healthy

eating your way to healthy hair

We’ve all experienced it at least once. Your favorite hairdresser no longer being your favorite. Buh-bye long locks. Well girl, I’m here to help you out because if you use my tips, there will be a couple extra centimeters in no time… Read more.

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Travel & Hotspots

Our Girl in New York

Pizza and Pinot at Pizza Beach, hanging out at the Bow Bridge and taking Blue to NYFW. These are a couple more left over snaps from my Amayzine post from last week. What I’ve got in store for you from this past week?… Read more.

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It’s the perfect present to treat yourself to, or perhaps it’s even great to give to someone else: a wallet. Don’t have the money to spend on a new bag, but you do feel the need to update your collection with a touch-up?… Read more.

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Look of the day

Roos aa

Met Roos before? Nope? Good, you’ve got a lot to catch up on. This beauty works at the Tommy Hilfiger headquarters in Amsterdam, has been living in the city for 7 years and is infatuated with Paris… Read more.

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Amayzine top 3

Daily May

Rituals de Luxe

I remember when yeeears back a sales lady came up to me all excited because of a new brand she was representing. The brand apparently was so cool… Read more.

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Trend of the day

knit it

This might just be one of the most favored items in everyones fall/winter wardrobe. When it’s about 25 degrees out, you might want to ditch it… Read more.

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Look of the day

May-Britt Mobach

This is the kind of clothing that makes me excited for the fall. It’s been wonderful being able to throw on a dress with sandals underneath, but there comes a point where you long for layers… Read more.

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Happy & Healthy

Kiki’s new bag addiction

How about a round of applause for all the women who are capable of leaving their front door with teeny tiny bags. Cause I suck at it. Minimalism? Not for me. City trip planned? I can’t survive it on just hand luggage… Read more.

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Sexy Friday


How about we start the day with a taboo: sex addiction. The numbers seem to increase each year. Not entirely surprising if you look at the endless amount of options of free porn online… Read more.

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