Candy Dulfer, we’re unanimous (which is already a unicum), she has the best closet of the country (and she doesn’t even have a stylist), the best hair (totally real), and she also sings and plays the saxophone. Tomorrow evening she’s going to perform at DANDY, which is Club Dauphine’s younger brother; an evening that already buzzes amongst the young and the hip in Amsterdam.

How and when does your weekend begin?

Normally, on a Friday evening at Club Dauphine, but now it starts on Saturday at DANDY. I’ve been performing at Club Dauphine for years (always on Friday evenings in a partitioned room in Dauphine’s restaurant where you can dine and enjoy live music from the most amazing artists (Candy is a bonafide star. ed). The evening is a great success, but somehow many 35 plus people are attracted to it, so the idea arose to host a younger version on Saturday nights.

Different night, same recipe?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. So eating and listening to live music won’t change. I hope to play a song by Beyoncé, and I’ve also submitted an I will follow by Triggerfinger. If the band knows it, and it fits with the rest of the repertoire, then we’ll probably perform them. But the band is different and younger on Saturdays. Bandleader Roger Happel will also be there, but he’s already quite old, haha, and the menu is affordable and less extensive. The end of the evening at Dauphine means dancing people, who, at a certain point, go home. But DANDY is different, a DJ takes over earlier in the evening and people keep at it much longer. I’ll also stay dancing, though. Until I get removed for being too old, haha.

Do you already know what you’re going to wear for the DANDY crowd?

I usually decide at the last moment. DANDY is sexy so it’ll probably be something with a leopard print. I love it and you’re always good to go with leopard.

What does your Sunday after DANDY look like?

I’ll be packing my suitcases because I’m flying to Hungary with the in-laws. We’re only going away for a few days, but I think I should take along my big 20 kilo suitcase. And I’ll of course take along leopard prints because they know how to party in Budapest. But we’ll also hang with grandpa and grandma, so I’ll also bring along a couple of nice, thick sweaters.

Are you ready for Christmas?

This is the first time I actually bought a small Christmas tree since we won’t be home. But someone will housesit our house and I thought that it would be so harsh to not have a Christmas tree. Although I’ve got to admit that this is the first time that I asked the florist to decorate the tree for me. I had to explain for about half an hour how I wanted him to style it. My zodiac sign is virgo, so I like to keep control when it comes down to decorating Christmas trees. I should’ve done it myself, I would’ve finished sooner, haha. Normally, I’ve got a huge tree in 50s colours, I really like that period. Also when it comes to music.

Do you have some great Christmas music tips?

My love for the fifties is also noticeable on my Christmas CDs. Christmas with the Rat Pack is my favourite, and of course I’ll be crying along to Nat King Cole’s The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot.  

Are there still tickets available for DANDY?

I think the dinner has been fully booked, but the entrance fee is €15 so do all come to drink and dance. We’re performing from 20:00 until 00:00, and the DJs from 00:00 until 02:00. Order your tickets at Facebook

Buttt, errmm, May-Britt… Aren’t you too old? Crawl in behind me, I’ll get you in.