Never a dull moment in casa Spoor. We have the proof.

It felt like Jon only started filming last week, and yet this weekend we were already celebrating his last day! The official wrap-party is still to take place, but on Sunday we had a small celebration and delicious dinner at restaurant Foyer.

Check out my fashion buys from this week! I’ve been looking for a beautiful light evening bag for months already. This gorgeous specimen from Rockin’ Items fulfils all requirements. I fell in love with this white/gold watch from the new Superdry collection the moment I laid eyes on it. I like wearing dark colours in winter and this eye-catcher will give my outfits the necessary lift.

The spectacular launch of YSL Opium Black perfume took place in Antwerp this weekend and I was invited! My girlfriend Kiki and I went with the Thalys (only 1 hour!) and were totally spoiled. The result: too many smoking’ cocktails and glasses of champagne…The next day we had hangovers that could only be cured in 1 way: eating loads and loads of cake.

One of my favourite spots to visit whenever I’m in Bangkok is Bsa B on the weekend market. Now I only have to jump on my bike and cycle to the ‘nine streets’! My favourite line is the Lemongrass. I immediately bought some candles and scented sticks for the new house.

Now that Jon is finished filming, he can start work on our new house. We’re a little behind schedule, so all hands are welcome. It’s handyman in style: he forgot his work clothes behind…