The big build has begun at the Spoor residence. The new kitchen has been chosen and the car is parked by the front door. What’s next….

With all the recent rain, I felt the autumn coming our way. That means a new darker colour for the nails. Hotstone from Striplac, and it stays on for two weeks.

This week we FINALLY started with the rebuild. Those wrecking balls are scary business. Now let’s hope the contractor does a good job at building it all back up.

Because I wear so much make-up for my job, I take extra care of my skin. This mask from Ioma feeds and gives a moisture boost to avoid dry skin.

Engaged, our own house, next step: our own car :) We chose a Peugot 2008: tough, spacious, but compact enough to park along the Amsterdam canals. The first day we got it, I drove around Amsterdam all day: great fun.

Jon and I had great fun during a cooking course give by Boretti, we took it so we’d know what to do with all our lovely new kitchen apparatus. The Verdict: great products need very few taste additives. Chef Ben can be found in their Showroom every Saturday and anyone can join. I think I’ll be joining a few more.