Building your own house and decorating it, looking at wedding locations and shopping at sales. And in-between all the business, her love also needs a good dose of attention. Carolien takes you through her week.

Thanks to my girlfriend Karlijn, I ended up unexpectedly enjoying a Jazz performance by Peter Beets in the beautiful concert building in Amsterdam last week. My new resolution is to visit concerts in this beautiful place more regularly. Tip: you can become a ‘friend of the Concertgebouw’ for €10,- per year until your 30th. That’s almost for nothing right? I’ve signed up.

Tis weekend I treated my my love to a culinary lunch at Merkelbach, an exquisite county house in the East. It turned out to be a perfect wedding location too. Better start saving…

It’s been a while since my last marathon shopping session in Maastricht with my friend Marly. But on Monday we headed far south with a group of friends, ready for a long day of shopping. Until we realised: everything was closed on Mondays…With tear filled eyes, I called up the owner of STIJL WYCK and explained in a sad little voice that we had just sat in the car for 2,5 hours for nothing. To our great joy, she opened the store exclusively to us for a private shopping session. Our day was made!

Jon and I regularly end up in restaurant 5&33 for a snack and a Gin & Tonic. Yesterday we were invited to try various dishes from the menu with a select few guests. My favourite? The burrata salad and the pannacotta.

I’ve been eagerly looking forward to planning my Walk in Closet in my new house for months now. The time has arrived: The company ‘Kastenspecialist’ came to help me design my dream cupboard. I knew exactly how many hangers, drawers and shelves I wanted. But what colours to use, how deep to make the drawers and which doors to go for? Unlimited choices that are making my head spin. I need a few nights to sleep on it.