Carolien takes us on another journey through her week, where she too has taken a moment to reflect on the terrible news.

Last week Thursday we enjoyed a lovely trip to Noordwijk san zee. Toes in the sand and fresh shakes, totally into our stay at the delightful Hotels van Oranje: it couldn’t get any better. Then suddenly the terrible news about flight MH17…Since that day, not a single conversation has gone by without mention of the disaster. Love and support for all the next of kin and relatives.

My newest fashion discovery from Scandinavian soil is the brand Graumann. When I spotted this checked winter jacket from their latest collection, I got a sudden desire for a cold, rainy day in November. Lucky me, they sell this brand at Stijl in Maastricht: gonna call and ask when the new collection is in…


Restaurant 5&33 put a very special menu together for us, with a Fashion Week influence. They together with the head chef, prepared the most culinary dishes like ‘The Donatella’ and ‘The Giorgio’. Never knew that Donatella had such good taste!

I’m on set all week for the new drama series ‘De Zwarte Tulp’. Dressed in the most cheeky outfits in the role of Kat. Very special.

All GTST (Dutch soap) fans can live out their dreams with the GTST-Quiz, during the show’s summer break. This is only for the fanatical viewer. Because the most difficult questions are asked about characters from wayyy back. I also popped up as a question much to my surprise. What young faces, I was only 17. Well, that time of freedom and carelessness is over, well and truly over…;)