Daily May

Festival proof

It’s going to be great weather this weekend. Really great weather because it’ll supposedly rise to 28 degrees. So I can’t wait to go to the beach, park, or where ever. I will be hit by the sun. Yesterday, I received this package from V&D at the HQ which helps me to become summer proof. A bag filled with products like a water gun, a scarf to keep you from getting burnt, and a bottle of water. I really like the external battery which gives you a little bit of power when your phone’s run out. The V&D also opened a special festival shop for the summer and festival season in which you can buy a lot more great items. Inflatable animals, tents, sunglasses, you name it and they’ve got it. Or great inspirational looks. Now this weekend will probably not host a festival, but that doesn’t matter, this webshop always comes in handy.