Daily May


Naturally, my weekend wear differs from my workday wear. Less makeup, hair in a ponytail, and I’m wearing shoes that actually fit comfortably. I can’t have someone (think a child) running faster than I. I’ll probably wear a flat boot from Dior (I’m still a fashion girl) or something from Isabel Marant. And of course jeans and a comfy top. J. Crew’s my favourite weekend brand. On net-a-porter.com I fell in love with this jumper and voila, it arrived just in time. Not taking off that one today. Probably neither tomorrow.

BY May-Britt Mobach
Jongleert doordeweek met kinderen en laptops, vermoedt een serieuze shopverslaving en probeert lichtelijk obsessief latte- en wijngebruik van zich af te schudden door overmatig veel te sporten.
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