Original Christmas gifts

What on earth to give this year? Yep, this the question I ask myself pretty often in the month of December. I celebrate both Sinterklaas and Christmas. With family, but also with girlfriends here at the office. Not elaborate or big, but a tree without presents is a little sad. Perhaps you’re having the same problem? Anyway I’ve decided to offer a bit of help with gift inspiration, and a few gift ideas. I’m very much into customised gifts. Have a name printed on something and you’ve got an incredibly original idea. Have a cool text printed on a t-shirt and it’s something that nobody else will have. Stick a photo with it and you’ve got a marvellous gift.

 An agenda

It is almost time for a new agenda. Buy one and have the persons initials embossed on it. There are plenty of sites that do this. This one for example. Add a few fun texts to a few dates and you’re done.


You can also make a birthday calendar, you can do this easily on hema.nl. Choose out some fun photos and make a collage.

 iPhone- case

We’re sticking with the Hema for now, because you can make so many fun things with them. What about a cool iPhone-case from a photo? I like.


Is there a funny word or sentence that you often use? Have it printed on a t-shirt. This is a great store. They even have cute t-shirts for sale, but you can also buy one in a different shop and have it printed here.

 Something yummy

Confectioner Arnold Cornelis sells the yummiest pastries. Have a text written on it or (you could) have a photo printed on it. Cute little cupcakes, biscuits or a little cake.

 Expensive shizzle

However if you really, seriously want to impress, then buy something from Louis Vuitton and have their initials embossed in gold. Like a purse, a passport holder, clutch or the neverfull-bag of course. Can be done. Santa, can you hear me?