I am sharing the Christmas Wishes of the most fabulous women and men in the country with you, everyday.

Dear Santa, are you reading this? Jetteke has a list for you.

She would love to have a treatment at Skins every month. And be honest: this hardworking mommy totally deserves it? A lingerie set from Love Stories is also on the list. We can imagine. Sexy shizzle. And there is a special edition Leica out, the camera that is, in a beautiful orange by Hermès. Now I hope you understand that these lovely items need to be carried around in something huh? Preferably in a Chanel shopping basket that is. Those were the wishes more or less. Oh yeah, and lots of luck and health for her and all her loved ones. That is wish number one of course.

  1. Chanel shopping basket
  2. Leica special edition, HERMES
  3. Lingerie set from lovestories
  4. A treatment every month at Skins, me time!