The ideal digital wish list

As everyone else stresses about what to do and wear for Christmas and New Year, I’m left with very different things on my mind. No glitter pants or sequins dress for me, no hairspray, no smokey eye and certainly no pumps or clutches. I’ve been shouting about it on Amayzine often enough, so you probably know that I’ll be flying to Rio de Janeiro this Thursday (indeed, on Boxing day), and will be staying their till mid January when all New Year’s celebrations are well and truly over. My head is full of summer clothing. Dresses, sandals and bikinis, everything that you cannot find in the shops over here. Enter: the wish list. Let me explain.

I mean I can call out “cute summer outfits” to all the Santa’s and Saint Nicholas’ in my neighbourhood, but where they’ll find them is unclear. For me too actually. Yes, I have some summer things at home, but as you all know, I’ve been rebuilding (although the end is nearing) and all my clothes are packed away in box boxes. In short, reason enough for new clothing. Ha!

I mean I can call out “cute summer outfits” to all the Santa’s and Saint Nicholas’ in my neighbourhood, but where they’ll find them is unclear.

And so it turned into me hanging out paging through the enormous collection on, that thankfully has a category called ‘summer dresses’. I scrolled through page after page and became happier with each dress, and the thought that I’d shortly be in a country where you can actually where these sumer items. A few things were top of my list, including Vans. Yes, sneakers. The thing is, Vans are the only sneakers I like and walking around in heels for three weeks in Brazil is a bit of a mission. So they were top on the list, and preferably in a cheerful summer colour.

Then I needed a white dress, because the Brazilians celebrate New Year dressed in white, to enter the New Year with purity. I went for a lacy number from Morgan, and I can totally see myself at the firework display. Furthermore, an always-good-stripey-top, a fabulous blouse thingy from Topshop (I didn’t know that Zalando sold Topshop, pretty handy) and another flowing summer dress from Khujo.

During the online shop, you can pop things onto your wish list and not directly in your shopping basket. At the end of the ride, you mail it to your Santa and they can choose certain things to buy for you. Like a gift list when you get married. Great for birthdays too, you’ll never be stuck with gifts from old aunties who have no taste and buy you Oilily dresses.

So I am leaving with a well filled backpack, headed for summer. For those of you staying in Holland walking around with headaches from choosing party outfits, they also have a category called cocktail dresses with 845 dresses from which to choose. Nothing left but to wish you a wonderful Christmas in your new dress.