My followers on Instagram will know that I’ve had an intense few weeks, because I suddenly had in my head that I wanted these boots from Givenchy. An expensive habit but these boots were engrained deep, deep in my brain and my heart, I HAD to have them. A total decision vacuum followed, because hello, spending so much money on a pair of boots is insane? I tried them on 15 times, again and again and again. Until one afternoon, a smart and sober girlfriend pointed out, as I stood lovingly gazing at them in the store, that I would not be able to cycle in them. And the problem was solved, goodbye boots. I cannot buy something that I cannot cycle in. The money that I saved by not buying them (yes it works like that) was spent directly on a ticket to Brazil, so all’s well that ends well.

(Though I’m secretly still longing for them. Dammit.)