Trends that even the most non creative people amongst us can replicate are always welcome. I’m blessed with not 2 but 8 left hands, and I can tell you that it’s bloody nuisance. But I think that even I can do this trend. Just take an old piece of clothing, a good collection of plastic or street or other background material that’s allowed to get dirty, a bucket of paint, and lots of brushes. Step 2: drape the clothing item on the floor, dip the brush in the paint, get out your inner Jason Pollock and spatter! Seems like a lovely project and must be incredibly relieving. Don’t have old clothing items that may receive spatters or don’t think you can manage to do this yourself? Don’t despair, we made a great shopping for you so that you can shop everything together without making a spatter or a splash. Thank you, thank you very much.

1. Black jeans, €49,95, Zara

2. Slip ons, €210, All Saint

3. Jumper, €238, Raquel Allegra via

4. Top, €245, Tibi via

5. Short, €235, Paige via

6. Blue jeans, €350, Paige via