How to be the New York



Hunting for a bargain with perspiring armpits and fellow ill-tempered accomplices in the ‘3 for 1’ department? No thank you. Sale-shopping is an adequate way of earning money? Also, not how I see it. Amongst these, there are a few other things which exempt me from being labeled as a ‘discount junkie.’ But, I must confess, seeing a price tag with a discount from 1700 to 300 dollars is very addictive.


And although I completely agree with the standpoint that ‘you don’t talk about money,’ I can’t help but casually share my sale triumph (and preferably calculate the sum again out loud). So instead of calling myself a ‘discount-junkie, perhaps I am more of a sale-warrior in style? Because honestly, you will never catch me yanking on tops or dresses in stores but do I like a good bargain? Absolutely!


And this city is definitely the place to be. It bombards you with discounts and after four seasons of scoring mega items (that ‘1700 to 300’ bargain was my latest purchase), I’ve become quite the pro.


And so by having this beautiful spot on the online horizon where I can gladly share the ins and outs this city has to offer, hereby my ‘who what where’ to help you elate your inner discount queen.



Everyone has their own strategy. But ‘how’ to tackle sales according to me, goes by the following four golden rules:


Follow, like and add Racked on ALL social channels. This site tells you exactly where, when and how much discount you can score. From sample sales to high discount percentages at Zara. Oh, and for sample sales, they’ll tell you exactly how long the waiting line is on the spot, which sizes are still available (especially useful for Louboutins annual sample sale) and if it is generally worth the trip.


Make sure you are wearing easy-on-easy-off clothing and specifically shoes. Nothing is more annoying then when getting dressed is more difficult than the fitting session itself. And fitting the clothing is a must! In New York, sale implies = final sale.


Sample sales are heavenly, but it also means sharing one giant fitting room with everyone trying on their clothing. Looks rather shabby, but so be it. Shaved legs and matching undergarments and you’re good to go.


Go early because then the racks are still full and the available staff is still crispy and fresh enough to conjure that one size you need and you’ll be most likely to succeed.



Agree with me or not, but I find discount for investment pieces to be well worth the find. And of course as a teenager I would buy the same flutter top 85 times during H&M’s sales, but I’ve learnt my lesson. Have a mission and go on the hunt for that perfect leather biker jacket, that one designer bag or that flowy evening gown for that one wedding with the black tie dresscode. Oh, and work with a budget and don’t exceed it. Or exceed it just a teeny tiny bit.




1. Department stores

Saks Fith Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Lord & Taylor are your go-to stores. Their collections are gigantic, their sales are gigantic and you can find any designer label there. Especially Bergdorf’s shoe salon should not be missed.


2. Flagship stores

Flagship stores always have the complete collection – the place to be during sales. The bigger stores are definitely always better during discount season however, I know one exception for this rule and that is Intermix. Think: leather jackets, Chloé and a ton of other beautiful things with an insane amount of discount.


3. Sample sales

Sample sales. My obsession for these began the moment I moved to New York. I used to always think of a large room with large scraps of clothing from way too long ago. But in this city, this is certainly not the case, and I’ve attended a few sample sale gems. La Perla, Alice + Olivia, Zadig & Voltaire… Find them all on Racked.