How to shop the high-street

Sometimes when I see somebody walking around in an amazing piece of clothing, I ask where its from and they answer “Oh this? It’s from Zara!”. HOW can it be? I never saw it hanging in there and if I had I would have bought it. Look even if you don’t have the budget to be buying from net-a-porter, you can still dress well. You just need to be more creative with a smaller budget. I went researching how to find the little gems in high-street stores like Zara, H&M and River Island.

Let’s start at the beginning. Don’t buy basics at Zara or H&M because basics need to be sensational. Seriously good. Like T-shirts from Alexander Wang, a white blouse from Agnes B, trench coat from Burberry, a cashmere jersey from Totême or J. Crew and a lovely warm jumper from Acne. These form the basis for the rest of your wardrobe so buy them once and enjoy for years. Those ‘cute jumpers’ from the big chains are nice, until you wash them. Or wear them more than twice.

H&M and Zara often have pricier items hanging in-between the normal priced items, they are usually a little more special. They are not bought in such high volume, so are more quickly sold out and you won’t see them worn on every street corner. Be vigilant and look out for that special piece and then run to the cash desk.

Zara often gets new stock in several times per week and they change the store merchandise around more quickly than you can say net-a-porter. This is why you think OMG I WANT EVERYTHING every time you walk in. If you pop by regularly you’ll see the changes but also the new stock and you’ll be able to jump at it immediately.

As in, try to figure out when they get new stock in and make sure you’re there.

Or buy everything online if you know your size. The thing is, clothing in shops have been tried on by a hundred million people and are not brand new anymore. I love trying things out in the store and then rushing home to order online. You get everything brand new and fresh and that feels great.

Difficult for most people with a full time job I understand, but the best time to shop is Monday morning. Or any morning actually. The crazy peak shopping hours will have you running for the door.

If you try something on and think, “mmm okay, not expensive, but…” No. Don’t do it. You’ll never wear it and are only buying it because it’s cheap and that is not a good reason.

Happy shopping!