Sometimes we’re in for quite a surprise when a celebrity opens the door to their private home. Are they living in lavish luxury? Gorgeous design? Or do does it turn out to be rather tacky?

Patrick Dempsey, for example, has had a quite a special living situation. Since 2009 the former Grey’s Anatomy star and his family lived in a Malibu home dubbed Tin House, a 5,550 square feet eco-friendly mansion that got its nickname due to it’s metal roof. “An excellent choice for rainwater collection and space heating”, Patrick explained a while back when the remarkable crib designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry was featured in Architectural Digest.

Corrugated metal aside, the house features a rock-climbing wall, urban vegetable garden, a pool (of course) — and a barn housing donkeys, chickens and pigs among others. The property’s guesthouse comes in the form of a classic Airstream. Pretty cool, if you ask me. But it gets better. The interior design is an absolute vision of taste and style. In other words, I would copy everything in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately the small chance I had of ever living in this eco-friendly paradise passed me by in mere days when the actor sold Tin House just two weeks after putting it up on the market. Making quite the profit too with an asking price of $14,5 million. Roughly two times more than what he paid six years ago.

Besides this financial windfall, Patrick has had a pretty rough year so far in which he’s leaving a lot behind. First his marriage of 15 years ended, then he was forced to say goodbye to his iconic role on Grey’s Anatomy. (Supposedly the two are related seeing rumor has it he had a very explosive on set affair with a Grey’s staffer.) And now his very special Malibu home.