4 things



Ask ten women what beauty products they use every day and you’ll hear nearly all of them say ‘concealer’. The Touche Éclat, the Skinflash by Dior, the Undercover Pot by Laura Mercier, all products we use to disguise our pimples, dark circles and blemishes. So if you have it on hand, here’s how to put it to good use.


Define the brow

Put a line above and below your eyebrow and then smudge it well. This really helps to shape your eyebrows and makes them look fuller. A little model’s trick.


Nose job

Place some concealer along the nostrils. It tackles redness around your nose but can also make the nose seem smaller. For some people, such as myself, this is a tip I welcome with open arms.


Filler alternative

Put two lines of concealer on the frown lines between the eyebrows. Because of the light reflecting off the concealer the wrinkles will appear smaller and then you have no need for any injections.


eye lid correction

Do you find the little red veins on your eyelids as irritating as I do? And doesn’t your eye shadow cover it? First dot some concealer on your lids then blend the concealer in by dabbing. Do not rub because, that only causes wrinkles.


So what are we all taking to a deserted island? Right!