6 ways to wear the jumpsuit

When Peggy, Liesbeth and I were in New York we really fell for a pair of overalls from Club Monaco. We, there and then, dived into the dressing rooms and came out transformed into the successors of Destiny’s Child. Liesbeth eventually jumped ship (‘it’s just not me’) but Peggy and I left the building very happy with our jumpsuit of washed silk. Perfect option for the days when you want to be dressed in one single movement but don’t let it get dull. Be sure to rock it!

  1. Spice it up with a belt

At Club Monaco I bought the most perfect gold fronted belt. Peggy has a beautiful Céline chain belt consisting of golden rings. A simple jumpsuit screams out for a “piece” that makes it both better and helps it come into it’s own.

  1. Hangers and bags

No matching belt? No worries, a petite purse can be worn across the body and also makes for a perfect accessory. A drop necklace from Michael Kors or a fine long hanger by Isabel Marant can work a treat. My baby-matelassé is my favorite accessory to give my one piece a little boost.

  1. Combine it with a jacket

A jacket in the same color as the suit will indeed work, but considering the suit is probably a block color you can make it look more striking by choosing a bit of animal or a color print. Dare to wear the jacket over your shoulders; this is always very eye catching. Doing this helps to highlight the silhouette of the suit.

  1. Combine with color

Do you have a light pastel suit that you can combine with a matching jacket? Mix it up with a flash of color. Add a spunky pair of neon pumps and/or a boxy bag. Just do it to break with the norm.

  1. go for animal print

Don’t say that you will never be seen wearing a certain print ever again and then have people turn around to say “Oh look, there she goes, wearing that print again.” As they say: never say never. It is undeniably a very cool print, clearly iconic and remembered by everyone. And with a one piece like that is even more on trend.

  1. Let it be sexy

This one piece does not combine well with a pair of Nike’s. No, ladies. This is paired with a solid pair of heels. Do the buttons go a little low? Then don’t be afraid to flash a leopard print bra or go crazy with a touch of neon. Make it happen.