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Day 2

After only sleeping a scarce number of hours, we thought we would be able to start the day off feeling fresh and radiant. False. The boiler in our hotel was broken which meant that the water in our shower was incredibly cold. But whatever, there are worse things that could happen. Like the fact that England was expecting extreme London weather and all we had packed was summer clothing. We also had absolutely no idea where the Burberry show would be taking place and that’s one show we refused to miss.

Covent Garden

But we started off our morning in Covent Garden. A wonderful area of the city which helped us compose a list of must-shop-beauty-adresses (coming soon!). After snooping around the area, we walked alongside the Thames, the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Charlotte Tilbury

Then it was off to our next appointment in the Charlotte Tilbury store. The leading lady behind Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne’s looks. Her artists gave us a Tilbury Transformation. You should know that in real life I tend to go through life with very natural looking makeup, as does our shopping editor Lilian, but today they would transform us into superstars. Literally their words: ‘We’re gonna transform you into a supermodel!”

Lilian got the Dolce Vita look (inspired by Sofia Loren) and I would be getting the Rock Star one à la Kate Moss. The looks were intense, but extremely cool.


Even when you’re busy, you shouldn’t forget to treat yourself and so we decided to head into a small bakery around the corner of Covent Garden. It was impossible to find a slice of cake for under 12 pounds but hey, it was still worth it.


After wandering around through Soho, we finally figured out where the Burberry show would be taking place. We followed about a group of twelve people all decked out in trench coats and although the show wouldn’t take place for another two hours, the streets were already an immense circus and it was almost impossible to view the entrance of the show.

But tada. We made our way to the front of the gate and we saw all the big names make their entrance. Think Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne and apparently some huge Asian pop sensation everyone was obsessing over. We might not have been inside but we could hear the live music being played from the show and there was a screen that was live streaming the models walking down the runway. So although technically we weren’t inside the venue, we were pretty much there.

I know what you might be thinking: after the show the two of us decided to celebrate somewhere decadent with a glass of champagne. Well, yes, there was a restaurant but decadent might not be the best way to describe it (although it was great). We opted for pizza at Pizza East, the best pizza in London in the very hip Shoreditch area. Alright, and coincidentally only a couple a steps from our hotel so we could roll straight back into bed.