Fun & Famous


Whispering? No these sunglasses were screaming my name out there in Milan. It was actually an entire choir chirping ‘May, May, May’ in the Gucci store in the Via Montenapoleaone. I gave all of them a good feel, but this one was mine for the taking. Believe me, if there is anything designer-ish that you want to buy this winter that’ll show people that you’re in the know, then it’s a pair of sunglasses from Gucci.

1.It’s pretty affordable

It depends on your perception of affordable because it still requires spending about two hundred plus euros. But is an amount that a lot of people use to provide themselves with food for a month. But compared to a pair of pants, a sweater or a skirt from the same label, this is pocket change. And they’ll give you the complete VIP treatment in the store. Champagne, Panna-water, you pick.

2. It’s so very Milan

We’re going to give the word understated a rest, because in this world of fashion, it’s all about bold, bold bold. So you want and a color gradient and glitter and the logo on full display.

3. The glitter

The glitter, people, the glitter. Isn’t that what you want? It’s the best remedy for the fall.

4. Gives everything an upgrade

Just like a good bag or a stylish watch, a pair of statement sunglasses are the remedy for an unsteady outfit. Even if you got dressed in the dark, everyone will think that they have no idea what they’re doing but you do.