5 lessons in style

From Kendall Jenner

The first time I saw Kendall Jenner ‘out in the wild’, she wasn’t wearing much more than a bathrobe. This wasn’t because she had just returned from some rowdy pool party, she was backstage at a Michael Kors show.

Because of her modest outfit, I had already walked past her three times or so until I muttered ‘hey, it’s Kendall’ to our camera man.

So, Kendall. I saw her again last Thursday and this time around it was in Cannes because she’s the new face of Magnum ice cream (check out how it went here). She treated us to two different yet typical Kendall looks which made her an immediate candidate for this column. Because yes, there’s a lot we can learn from Kendall style-wise.

1.     Show some skin, chapter 1: the shoulder

Her perfectly bronzed Californian skin has designers waiting to cover it with their designed. The off-shoulder trend is a fact, and Kendall knows just how to rock it.

2.     Show some skin, chapter 2: the back cleavage

The flashing of skin doesn’t stop at just the shoulder. When possible, Kendall likes to give her back a breath of fresh air too.

3.     Show some skin, chapter 3: the slit

When you say Kendall, you say long, wavy skirts. But it would be a mortal shame if she were to walk around covering up her goddess-like legs. Enter, the slit. Obviously up to the hip bone. The word subtle is a word that’s not a part of the Jenner household.

4.     Streetstyle

If you bump into her during her time off, Kendall will dress like the all American girl. In jeans, sneakers and a cap. Comfy is key.

5.     Hair in a ponytail

Kendall’s secret to having hair with a mind of it’s own is to put it up in a ponytail. A part straight down the middle and then the hair combed tightly down the sides of her hair. Ponytail at the bottom and then no one’s going to be able to tell that you should have kept your head above water the night before. Hmm, and now we’re back at that pool party again…