Travel & Hotspots


Let’s not beat around the bush: traveling is the new black. Generation Y wants to ‘explore’ the world, find themselves and put it all on display on Instagram. I get it. So is your sister/friend/colleague heading abroad soon and you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift? Or looking for some travel gadgets of your own? Here’s an ultimate list for you:

1. The world map 2.0

A real eye-catcher for on your wall: a hand cut, wooden map from Gorille. Might cost you a little more (between 80 and 270 euros), but then you do have an original gift which will always look good.

2. For girls who tend to get lost…

Ha, this is invention was made for me. Mapiful prints maps onto posters which you can them frame and hang up at home. Tip: Paris is beautiful.

Order it here.

3. The ultimate travel t-shirt

“Is it okay to drink water from the sink here? Where can I find a nearby pharmacy? Is it possible to eat here?” Those who see a lot of the world know that communication can be a real bitch. The story behind this shirt? The guys from Iconspeak were in Vietnam and the car they were using broke down. By using symbols (to communicate with the Vietnamese), they came up with the idea to make a shirt with icons to help you around in situations that are common when you travel.  Very useful.

Order it here.

4. Travelogue-diary

This thing is so fun, especially for those traveling solo that feel a little lonesome. You’re able to jot down all the important information that you need in it, plan all your transport and keep a diary. But there are also some extras: a packing checklist, an overview of all sized and weights in different countries and a short list of words in English, Italian, German, Spanish and French.

Order it here.

5. A GoPro camera

Perhaps the dream gift for every traveller. It’s still on the top of my wish list. Why? Because it helps you make the coolest video’s, it’s waterproof, can survive a tumble and it’s small so easy to transport.