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5 REasons why i am addicted to nifty

Anything arts and crafts related excites me. You can get your hands on stickers, postcards and craft paper in so many stores nowadays, which leads to me never showing up at home empty handed. However, this also means that I have a room filled with stacks of all of this at home. My entail thought was: what the heck am I supposed to do with all of it? And that’s when I got hooked on the Nifty Facebook page. My obsession is uncanny. Here’s why.

1. You’re able to give a second life to everything

A second life for that old vase of yours that you thought was actually pretty ugly, old water bottles, tiles; anything you come across. Instead of throwing out your old junk, you can transform it into something cool again.

2. Confirmation: you never have enough stuff

Every video you watch, you’re going to want to copy. Either with things you’ve got at home or some things you have to head out to a store for to buy. Plenty of reason to keep filling up your stock.

”And that’s when I got hooked on the Nifty Facebook page.’

3. You always have a gift ready

Forgot the purchase a birthday present? Don’t worry, just scroll through their Facebook account and you’ll find something you can make yourself. Your house is filled with a ton of things you can use. Making coasters out of scrabble letters, a pop-up card made out of paper and a necklace consisting of a miniature book. Hard to picture? Check out the Facebook page…

4. You always have inspiration

I might have a closet full of crafty things to use, but I never know what to do with it. Which leads to me always buying new things, which end up in that same closet not being used. These videos will help make sure you start using your stock.

5. Arts and crafts doesn’t have to be hard

These videos never take longer than a minute. Sometimes even just thirty seconds. And no, it’s not like the Jamie Oliver videos that have been cut and tweaked, they show absolutely everything on here. Which is good because it shows how achievable a project is and that I won’t take you months to complete. The only thing I would like to mention is that if there is any paint involved, they fast forward through the drying period, so just add an extra hour or so. But don’t worry, still achievable.