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5 things I learned from milan

And I’m back. My suitcase is pretty much unpacked (I’m a talented procrastinator), dropped off my clothing at the dry cleaners and opened up my laptop. Milan is over, but because I learned a lot, I’m here to fill you in on all of it.

1.     Milan loves fashion

Everyone, everyone, everyone knows that fashion week is happening. The taxi drivers know Alessandro Michele and the guy making your latte macchiato asks you if Carine Roitfeld still does the styling for Max Mara. I love it.

2.     The Gucci sunglasses

You have to have them. Because they’re very Milan and so incredible not the understated Parisian look. They’re big and full of glitter. Love it. Perfect for everyone who thinks their shoes and sweaters are too expensive but want to experience Gucci anyway.

3.     All about the hair

This sounds confusing, but at the Gucci and Max Mara shows I spotted sunglasses that were wrapped around the head and Max Mara was all into sun caps. Any regular person would like to hide these straps, but fashion people, they want to show it. Fashion, guys. Fashion.

Fashion, guys. Fashion.

4.     Negative points for Carine Roitfeld

I’m a huge fan of Carine Roitfeld (proof) and her taste and style. Although for Harper’s Bazaar I find her to be a bit too 80’s sometimes. But I spotted something backstage at Max Mara (where she did the styling) and she was wearing 12 centimeter high heels with leopard print, paired with tights. Quite a hefty look for early in the morning but what the heck. She was wearing her signature black pencil skirt and a top, but, and this is the thing that I had trouble with, she had a leopard jacket draped off her shoulders. And for some reason I was struggling with that look. I mean. You’re at work, you’re doing the styling, it’s not about you right now. Who on earth is able to tie a shoelace with a jacket draped around your shoulders? Might look cool outside on the streets but next time around just pull a Diana Vreeland and put on a vest and button up the back of it.

5.     Bella Hadid has gone through quite the transformation

I’m am a total fan of the Hadid family. And obviously I’m best friends with Gigi (proof), but her sister Bella doesn’t excite me as much. She’s stunning yes, but have you ever seen any photos of her when she was younger? I even heard there aren’t any photos from when she was fifteen. Rumor has it that’s when she got her lips, nose and cheekbones done. It’s a rumor. But I’m buying it.