in your comfy sweater

You probably spend your weekends bundled up in sweaters, match it with a pair of jeans, sneakers and you’re good to go. But know this: your sweater can easily be upgraded for office wear or a night out in the town. Just keep the following things in mind:

1. opt for one with a cool fitting

Go for a sweater that’s longer in the back than it is in the front. Or an asymmetrical one that’s shorter on the left side than it is on the right side. I prefer sweaters that have a loose fit at the bottom so it’s easy to tuck it into your pants or skirts in the front. Gives it that instant fashionable effect.

2. how to wear it to work

If you want to wear it to the office, I wouldn’t wear it with a pair of jeans cause that’ll exude to much of the casual look. Combine it with leather pants or a leather skirt instead.

3. Sweater = heels

Since a sweater always displays that warm, fuzzy and comfortableness, make sure you wear it with a pair of heels.

4. big at the top, small at the bottom

The bigger the sweater, the tighter the bottom half of your body should be. So if you’ve got an oversized beauty on, wear it with a skinny pair of leather jeans. If the fit of the sweater is tighter, then you can pair it with a more loose fitted pair of pants or a wide skirt.

5. how to pimp the wool vest

A vest can easily give you that granny look and feel so make sure you add a cool accessory to give it that extra upgrade. Think in terms of a small belt or a crispy white blouse. Anything to downgrade the granny meter.

6. an important supporting role for the spencer

Despite what I wrote before, the granny trend has made a bit of a comeback (check out what Alessandro Michele designed for Gucci). Embrace this trend by adding some spencers under your vest (or jacket). Try adding a blouse with a massive bow and you’ve got that edgy granny trend down to a t.

Written by Simone Dernee