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7 things i learned on a holiday with friends

Yesterday you could literally sweep me off the Amayzine floor because the night before, I landed (with an absurd amount of delay) back in Amsterdam and for some reason we felt like it would be a smart idea to spend the last night of our holiday at a rooftop party in Lisbon. Hangover galore. Which wasn’t too surprising because I’m pretty sure we had already ordered our sixth round of sangria before 5 PM. Bye relaxing holiday. I’ll make sure to fill you in on all the coolest places in Lisbon later on in the week, but for now: the things I learned on a holiday with friends.

1.     Rent a car. AND GET IN INSURED. And I mean insurance that covers everything. If it’s going to cost you 15 euros a day, it’ll be worth it. We opted for a car all of us would fit in because we felt it would be the most fun but absolutely non of us took into consideration that our bags needed to fit into it too. So there we were, hysterically laughing with all our suitcases piled all throughout the car. But back to the insurance. We had hardly driven 200 meters when smoke came out of the engine and in no-time we had to get out of it. I’ll spare you all the details, but uh, just make sure you’re insured.

2.     That every evening you’ve actually had enough to eat after downing a whole pile of snacks but you all still end up cooking dinner afterwards.


3.     You can make a friend group on Tinder which allows you to meet other friend groups in the neighborhood. Easy does it. There was a lot of swiping but also a lot of liking. And it worked too, because there they were: a bunch of guys to hang out with. And the night ended successfully.

4.     Magazines, sunscreen, earplugs, toothpaste, towels, brushes, creams… Everything is everyones.

5.     That you never have to do groceries on your. Go with a group and make sure to prep a list before you go.

6.     That you  can do a group workout in the morning which happens to be great if you’ve all got a hangover. Although we never actually did this…

7.     Women burp and fart a lot more than men do. There. I said it.