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The most common thing to do when you’re off on a holiday is to book a trip that consists mostly of laying out by the pool or at the beach. Nothing wrong with this idea, evidently, I mean you’ve been working hard and you need a break. But why not get creative with your trips? Live a little. It’s time for a change. And this is how:

1. The cruise

First of all because Beyoncé and Jay-Z would be proud of you. Besides that, it’s the most ideal way to hop from one island to another and you’ll come across the most exotic places in the world. And yes, your ‘hut’ might be tiny, but don’t forget you’re on a boat and how cool is it to experience life on the ocean?

2. The festival trip

Dancing among supermodels? Coachella. Going loco in Hungary? Sziget. And for those who want to experience some very special, then Burningman is your best option.

3. The solo trip

It might take some time to get used to if you’ve never done it before, but it’s worth it. Going abroad on your own and learning things about yourself that you didn’t know about. But is solo still a tiny bit too scary for you, then go to Asia by yourself. This is the quickest place to meet people who are in the same boat as you are.

4. The surprise trip

I did this about two years ago for the first time and I ended up in Milan right in the midst of discount season. I’m telling you: best idea ever.

5. The city trip

You might have already done this before with your boy or a couple of friends. But want to know which places are best if you’re going solo? Make sure to check this out.

6. The road trip

Rent a car and just go. Music blaring through your speakers and your live jam session can commence.

7. The trip around the globe

AAHHHHH this one is definitely bucket list material. Alright, you might as well take a year off to do this because: the longer, the more you’ll be able to see. Worth itttt.