Travel & Hotspots


On days like yesterday I feel like a privileged bitch, like my friend M. like to call it. Flying to New York for work. Work consists of seeing all the coolest looks we’re all going to be parading around in next fall. In New York. Clearly not a punishment.

1.     The flight

I like flying (I don’t have a fear of flying). And preferably the long intercontinental flights. That’s roughly three movies and two glasses of wine.

2.     The heat

It’s thirty degrees in New York. I know plenty of people that hate this and find it too humid, but I love it. Bring on that sunshine. We’re going to have to start missing it soon anyway.

3.     The new faces

My good friend Micha from Micha Models seems to be brooding them somewhere because she manages to bring in new, fresh, gorgeous tall girls every year. This year she’s got girls that make stylist Karl Templer restless and even Ashley Brokaw has been checking out the Dutch agencies looking for stunning faces.

Because I’ll have jet lag anyway and there’s nothing better I can think of at 5 AM

4.     Sanne

Might not be a name you’ll recognize, but after this NYFW you will. I worked with Sanne on Holland’s Next Top Model two years ago and she’s about to make her NYFW debut and I’ll be right there in the sidelines cheering her on.

5.     Gigi and Tommy

You’ve probably already seen the commercial with Gigi Hadid showing off her Tommy HIlfiger collection. As you’re reading this, I’ll be making my way to the press conference and in the evening I’ll be checking out the show

6.     Snooping around backstage

Might even be more fun than the shows themselves. Checking out what the models wear in real life, what they read, where they’re sleeping, talk to the makeup artists and stylists and perhaps even the designer themselves.

7.     Jogging in Central Park

Because I’ll have jet lag anyway and there’s nothing better I can think of at 5 AM.

8.     Dream Hotel

And then to be more precise: the rooftop of the Dream Hotel. Laptop open and time to start typing so I can keep you all in the loop.