Daily shot of sleaze

spoiler ahead, spoiler ahead!

Oh shiiiit. Excuse my language but I read something that I wish I hadn’t but I did and now I can’t not share it with you. But just to warn you, if you’re just as obsessed with Game of Thrones as I am but you don’t want me to ruin the 7th season for you: stop reading. Spoiler alert. Abort article. Abort abort. This is your final warning.

Alright, for everyone that stayed: her it goes. There is footage of season 7. As in: photos of the actors shooting scenes. And guess who have been spotted together? Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Yehesss, GOT fanatics, I believe this means what we think it means. There’s a shit ton of fan theories out there, but after seeing the photos, the theory that Daenerys and Jonny will be working together (the battle of Fire vs. Ice). Don’t you think? I mean, we already found out that Jon is a Targaryen in season 6, so it has to be. Aiiiaiiaiiii, my impatient heart can’t handle this. Only a couple more months guys, a couple more months.

Well that was it for my sleaze of the day. Ciaooo. And sorry, but I warned you to stop reading if you didn’t want to know. It’s your own fault. See ya.