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so about prince harry…

DSoS-Meghan-MarkleSo I haven’t brought it up yet but I think it’s time we discuss Prince Harry. I’ve kinda been ignoring all the stories of his new romance because I’m not the biggest Suits fan (sorry). But it looks like I can’t get around it because it’s literally ev-ery-where: Meghan Markle. His newest love interest of the British Prince. What do we know about this drop dead gorgeous Suits star?


1 She graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago.

2 She loves animals and adopting pups. We love this, Meghan.

3 She and her sister Samantha aren’t really what you would call on ‘good terms’. In a recent interview she called Meghan a narcissistic social climber. Jealous of your sister much, Sam?

4 She’s been married before to director Trevor Engelsen but they filed for divorce back in 2013.

5 Meghan and Harry were introduced through a mutual friend, designer Misha Nonoo.

6 She spends a lot of her time working as human rights activist and is the ambassador for Canada’s World Vision Clean Water campaign.

7 Before she started acting, she earned money working as a model. Understandable when you look like that…


Alright alright, Meghan, I like you. I think it’s time for me to start watching Suits