Happy & Healthy


We’ve all experienced it at least once. Your favorite hairdresser no longer being your favorite. Buh-bye long locks. Well girl, I’m here to help you out because if you use my tips, there will be a couple extra centimeters in no time, okay: millimeters. Au natural. It doesn’t require spending hundreds of euro’s on extensions. All it requires is making your shopping list look like this the next time you head to the grocery store:

1 Sweet potato. They’re filled with beta-caroteen which doesn’t only help your hair grow, but it also makes your scalp healthier.

2 Eggs. A boiled egg for breakfast or an omelet for work. Eggs are made up of a lot of omega 3 and biotin and the latter is important to avoid hair loss. Just make sure not to throw out the egg yolk because too many egg whites will block the biotin intake. Don’t be scared of the yolk, sweeties.

3 Paprika is filled with vitamin C and vitamin C is high on antioxidants that make your hair follicles stronger.

4 Oysters. Split ends or hair loss often happens due to a lack of zinc. So it’s time you start slurping on those oysters.

5. Salmon. How about a nice salad with smoked salmon for dinner tonight? Salmon is a vitamin and protein bomb and proteins are what you want for a healthy scalp and to stimulate hair growth.

6. Nuts. A handful of nuts to snack on. do it. Seriously, think of it as super foods for your hair which stimulates hair growth. This snack is packed with magnesium, calcium and biotin.

7.  Last but not least: my favorite, especially in the fall. Brussel sprouts. Hmmm.. I can’t wait. If you want long hair you better start eating them. They’ll full of folic acids which is important for your hair follicles hence making it important for hair growth. Folic acids are also good for your blood circulation making sure all the nutrients that your hair needs spreads quicker.