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This makeup will help you beat the heat

beat the heat

Temps are still at a high this summer and that means bare legs, summer dresses and yes, a lot of sweat too. And it just so happens that sweat and makeup aren’t always the best of friends and all that powder and foundation you worked with in the morning won’t look to appealing in the afternoon. But don’t worry, there’s makeup out there that knows how to beat the heat and keep that face of yours looking flawless even when the sun is out. Thank god for waterproof products. So here you go, here’s how to survive that summer sun with a stunning face:




1. Mister Radiant Bronzer, €39,95, Givenchy

2. Maestro Glow, SPF 30, €45,50, Giorgio Armani Beauty

3. Phyto-Ombre Éclat color: Garden Rose, €27,81, Sisley
beat the heat blush

4. Blush 3 colors, €40, Estée Lauder
5 (2 stypes):
Black Organza Mascara Waterproof color: 01, €34,95, Givenchy

Khôl Waterproof Couture, €22,95, Givenchy


6. Eye shadow color: 13 Enjoy, €24,95, Givenchy 
Yves_Saint_Laurent_Vinyl_Couture_Mascara_6_7ml_1464176523 7. Mascara Vinyl Couture, €35,95, Yves Saint Laurent
8. Rouge Volupté Shine color: 41, €36,95, Yves Saint Laurent
13_0200809058900000_pro_flt_frt_01_1108_1528_1407002 9. Eye & Brow Maestro color: 13 Platinum, €36,50, Giorgio Armani Beauty

CHANEL-NAGELLAK-LE_VERNIS_DE_CHANELCHANEL-NAGELLAK-LE_VERNIS_DE_CHANEL (1) 10. Le Vernis kleur: 532 Canotier and 534 Espadrilles, €25,95, Chanel

673383_in_xl 11. Nail polish color: 67 Rouge d’or, €27,95, Yves Saint Laurent

12. Lèvres Scintillantes color: 610, €30,95, Chanel

Photos: Olivier Thijssen